Friday, December 19, 2014

Funny Friday

Selfies are a funny thing. Sometimes they're just necessary, you're somewhere amazing for the first time and no one is around to take a picture. As you can see in my last post I just went to Philadelphia with some friends. We went to see the Liberty Bell in all her beautiful glory.
But the problem started when we tried to take a selfie while standing outside in the rain with our umbrellas and the Liberty Bell in the background. The first attempt was not so head was completely blocking the bell and my arm was in the way, so we kept trying.
And then it just started to go downhill from there. 
It's really hard to hold up two umbrellas to protect ourselves, and of course none of our phones have front facing flash, so we couldn't see the picture we were attempting to take.
We finally got the above picture, it was SO close, but nope. And then my phone battery got too low to use the flash. I remembered that snapchat had front flash, and below was the attempt from that.
But heck, we're returned Peace Corps Volunteers, some of the most resourceful people around. We don't give up that easily, no way, and finally the next picture ended up with magic.
I'll give twenty bucks if someone can figure out how we lit the picture above without a flash. 

Alright, I'm impatient. We used the flashlight apps on the two other phones to light ourselves and take a selfie.

And that's selfie dedication. 

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Rachel said...

I was totally thinking even before I read it that you'd be using the flashlights on your phones to add light in order to take the photo! Of course, because I have a Nokia brick, I definitely wasn't thinking "flashlight app" I was just thinking flashlight, haha! That is some serious dedication!

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