Friday, September 19, 2014

North Carolina Outer Banks

Work has been eating me alive lately, so sorry my blog has been taking the hit all from my overtime.

But I had to finally post about our labor day. It was so much fun I couldn't not post about it.

We rented a house with 4 other couples from our church in North Carolina's Outer Banks.

We were a little nervous going into it because we didn't know any of the other couples very well. It seemed like all of the couples felt like this. But I am so glad we took the risk because it was such a blast, and now we have such a fun group of friends out here.

The internet in the house was so horrible that we all interacted with each other instead of watching Netflix. I don't think I've ever been glad that the internet was terrible, but it led to such fun game nights.
The beach was warm, and not too crowded. It was the best mini vacation I could have asked for, even in spite of the wicked sunburn I got, that I may still be peeling from.

And they introduced us to Duck Donuts. How could you not be friends with people that introduce you to such deliciousness?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Home Away From Home Date Night

Utah is really our home. Even though we may never live there again, and we're loving living in DC, Utah will always be our home. It's where we met and fell in love, and started our life together.

There are certain things that we miss a lot about Utah, and some are more prevalent than others.

But the most prevalent thing is the most important thing, food.

There are lots of restaurants I miss in Utah, so when we found out there's a Nielsen's Frozen Custard out here, Hal had to just about stop me from driving over there on the spot.

When we lived in Bountiful we'd frequent Cafe Rio and Nielsen's in one evening. It was just too easy when we lived right up the hill and could walk to Nielsen's. So we decided to have a Utah style date night in the DC suburbs.

We started out the night be hitting Cafe Rio, our favorite American style Mexican food. We've had such BAD Mexican food since moving out here, so it was nice to know Cafe Rio is just as delicious anywhere.

And then we drove an additional 15 minutes out to Nielsen's. Rumor has it one of the sons from the Nielsen family moved out here and started it.
Oreo Concrete, you are my second true love. 

It was a delicious night, and it tasted just like home.

How do you find pieces of home when you're away?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Seeing the good in the bad

It's interesting how reminiscing and reliving moments of your life re-spark the passion and the emotions you you felt during those times.

Tonight Hal asked me a question about my mother's death. Seemingly out of no where he just wanted to know more about it, so I told him my story.

My story of losing my mother unexpectedly at 19. To waking up to my dad calling my name in the you better get here right now tone. I thought I was trouble for not doing the dishes. Instead I heard him on the phone with 911 saying he thought she had had a stroke. In that moment our lives forever changed. She didn't have a stroke. She had a large brain aneurysm that she had likely had since she was a young girl. And my little brother and I held the dog back and watched in frozen, terrified horror as the paramedics carried our mother out of the house and we locked eyes with her, not knowing it was the last time we'd see her awake.

I lost my mother at too early an age.

But I also gained so much. I gained a stronger relationship with my dad, who is the best dad I could ask for. I gained a closer relationship with all of my siblings. We have all taken on a little different roles than we had might our mother still be alive. We've learned to laugh more together and appreciate our time together. Still one of my favorite memories as a family is introducing my family to Brian Regan while we waited endless hours in hospital waiting rooms. Those moments of laughing together helped ease the burden we were all feeling.

I gained the appreciation for spending time with family and the confidence to end an unhealthy relationship.

But most of all I gained a relationship with God that I will never give up and could never deny. There were moments where I had blessings where God literally answered the questions plaguing my mind.

There were days where I felt like the loneliest, saddest person on the planet, and in those moments sometimes I felt like all I had was god beside me, comforting me, assuring me I would see my mother again some day.

My mother used to come home from work late at night and we'd both be the only ones still awake in the house and she would come sit on my bed and just talk to me. These some of my most cherished memories of my mother. But they also led for some very lonely nights after her death. In some of those moments I could feel her presence right beside me, reassuring me that she is still aware of me.

While I don't wish I had lost my mother so early, I try to look at the positive things that come out of a really crappy situation. It can be so easy to be negative or willow, so I try to remind myself that if good can come out of one of the worst things I've been through, then good is probably happening all around me, all the time.

I know that this is a very person post, and I understand if it's hard to read, but sometimes emotions are overwhelming, and just need to find a way out. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First Day

I have Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" stuck in my head while writing this post from the name of the title. "First things first I'm the realist" So you should probably jam with me while you read this.

Guess who had their first day of real life career work this week?

This guy.
Isn't he so stinking handsome even at 7am? No one should look this cute that early in the morning, so I guess I'm pretty lucky. 

Hal started at EY this week as a real life accountant. Woo-hoo. It's a little weird to not be posting a first day of school post or something. One of us has been in school our entire marriage. 

Does this make us real live adults then?

I hope not.

First days at a new job are infinitely harder than first days at school. There's such a learning curve to a new job. Every company uses different software, and figuring out the office dynamic with your co-workers can be rough no matter how seasoned you are. 

I think we could all use some support when starting a new job. So give some support to this guy for his first week at his first real real real job.

I'll start to get the ball rolling because I know this post will arrive in Hal's inbox and it will give him a little smile after working a 10+ hour day, and then you guys can keep the positivity going. 

Dear Hal, I think you rock. You are incredibly hard working. I know you're a little afraid to finally start your career, but you are so friendly, and you are so smart, and you're not afraid to ask questions; and that's why I know that you're going to do great at your new job. This is a new phase for us in our lives together, and I am so excited to go through it with you, because it's the best to share new experiences with the person you love the most. 

Now let's keep the positive comments going!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Best Pandora Playlist Ever

You guys are about to thank me for introducing you to the best Pandora playlist ever. It's like musical magic.

Do you like:
Florence and the Machine
Mumford and Sons
Do you like finding out about bands like this before they become super popular:

City and Colour

Do you like hearing amazing covers that blow your mind when you find out a 12 year old sings it?

Then you'll love
Of Monsters and Men playlist on Pandora. 

I've had a lots of people ask me what my playlist is, so I just thought I'd share the joy.

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