Friday, October 17, 2014

My Thoughts On Having My Pictures Shared Without My Permission

Do you remember my amazing Cambodian wedding photos that Hal and I had taken while we were still Peace Corps volunteers? You can see them here, and here.

Well, about a year ago within a short time multiple people sent me links to my pictures being shared across the internet. They were showing up on American Cambodian instagram and on Khmer news webpages. It was a weird feeling not knowing that these people were taking my photos without my permission and I had no idea they were being used unless someone I know saw them and let me know.

Then this month another volunteer sent me this:
I guess in some ways I still don't quite know how I feel. I've heard horrible stories of bloggers having their photos stolen and fake blogs made up, and that just sounds terrible to me. It feels different than if someone in American was stealing my photos. Cambodia doesn't have copy right laws, and it just doesn't seem like they're stealing them for malicious reasons, they just like seeing foreigners in traditional wedding clothes.

While it feels really weird to have photos of Hal and I being shared around the internet without our permission or knowledge, and even though it may be a little bit creepy I guess I can't help but be flattered that they liked my pictures. Is it wrong to take a little pride in my stolen picture getting 600+ likes? 

So while I'd like to have my permission asked for, there seems to be a sense of innocence to them sharing my photos, so instead of being angry that they're using my photos, I can't help but laugh when it happens. 

Have you ever had your photos stolen? What are your thoughts on picture stealing?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Random Musings

It so often seems like there are small things I want to write about, but they're generally not enough to comprise a post, so perhaps if I put them all together...

1. Friends is coming to Netflix
Did you hear me? FRIENDS IS COMING TO NETFLIX!! Remember when I said that Gilmore Girls is my second husband while Hal studies for the CPA? Well, I have two and a half months before we're breaking up, because my original second love is coming to Netflix and will be my winter second husband.

2. Have you Tried PiYo?
Has anyone else tried Chalene Johnson's PiYo (pilates yoga)? My sister in law is amazing and started a challenge for it. It's an 8 week program and you don't need anything other than the discs to do it. I put mine on my google drive and stored them on my phone so I watch them on my phone and do them at the gym in the afternoons. Plus, Chalene is so much more likable than a lot of women in work out videos. Today was my first day of Buns, and I think I left my legs in the gym.

3. New Books
I just finished Winter's Tale after literally taking like 3 months to finish it. My kindle kind of crapped out and the book lost me at certain points of over the top description, and did I mention it's something like 700 pages? I need a new book to get me back into loving to read. Any good books you've read lately that you want to recommend?

4. Fall in DC
It's finally starting to feel like fall in DC. It's gotten colder, and the leaves are starting to change. Every morning when I walk outside I just get happy inside that it's fall. It's been pouring all afternoon long and all I want to do is curl up in bed with my pan of rice crispy treats with my husband, and watch my second husband (Gilmore Girls, get it? We came full circle.)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lets Get Real

Yesterday was a holiday for 80% of DC, so after I was done cursing all of those lucky people who got to sleep in, I realized I had some free time at work since none of them were working. I finally started catching up on some blogs I haven't read in so long. Every tine I catch up on blog I remember why I used to love blogging a lot and reading other blogs.

I caught up on Lacie's Blog, Queen Lacie, and remembered why I loved reading it. She's just so real. She talks about it all and in such a refreshing way and it made my wonder why we don't all blog more like that.

We all know I'm not cooking up pinterest worthy cakes or working out every second of every day and posting motivational pictures. We're just normal people, living normal lives. So I decided I wanted my blog to be more like that. I usually just post when we've done something interesting, but I think looking back at this I would also want to read about the stuff we do every day.

So...what have we been up to?

Well, I found a way to make myself not feel so guilty for watching Gilmore Girls endlessly since it went on Netflix. Hal and I have been on a search for blackout curtains,(thanks to two evil streetlights right outside our windows) and after having no luck with some we bought, we realized we could make some for much cheaper. But since my sewing machine that my mother in law so painstakingly restored for me decided to have tension issues that no amount of skype with her could fix, I started sewing all 6 blackout liners to our curtains by hand while watching the first season of Gilmore Girls. I finished them last night and never want to see another blackout liner ever. I pricked myself only a thousand times.
Have you heard of the website Meetup? Well, we're trying to make new friends in our area, so we went to our first meetup of hiking the C&O Canal by moonlight. We got there late and it was pouring down, so we hiked about 20 minutes by ourselves in the dark and rain and I'm not gonna lie, I was totally freaked out until we found the rest of the group.
Hal I soaking up his last two weeks of ultimate frisbee. He's absolutely loved playing every week. It's a team made up of almost all EY employees and is sponsored by the company. They didn't have enough players last week, and were going to have to forfeit if I didn't play, so guys, I PLAYED ULTIMATE FRISBEE, almost the entire game too. That was huge, because running is pretty much my nemesis.
And guess who got approval to sit for the CPA exam in Maryland and is registered to take his first of four exams next month. My life is gonna be pretty boring for the next year while he takes all 4 exams, so go ahead and send easy crafts my way, that I can do while Gilmore Girls becomes my second husband.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Pick Me Up

It's really gloomy today in DC and work has been crazy the last two days, so I'm feeling a pick me up post today, and I hope you guys are too.

And what's better than to lift spirits than cat photos?

Nothing I tell you!

He went in for the dice, but decided to stay for the obvious comfort level.
 And just to brighten your day even more, here's a video of Pepe being so happy he can reach the window that he starts wagging his tail. You can ignore our not showered lazy Saturday TV watching selves.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

St. Louis

Back in September my work ended up sending me to St. Louis last minute. I had put a ton of work into a conference, and usually someone from our conference team attends, but no one was attending this one, and they really needed admin help, so I graciously offered to go.

And then I realized how much work I just volunteered myself for.
30 binders later I was off. I was only there overnight, and a huge part of it was attending the conference, but we had a few hours during the day to see the arch.

Both my co-worker and I thought the arch wasn't what we expected. Both of us thought that it spanned the river, which it does not. How did I not know that you can go up inside of the arch as well?

Well since it's kind of "the" site to see in St. Louis, we decided to go up in it. 
The little pods that you go up in are so interesting. They're what I imagine the 60s version of space age was. They're these little pods that are tiny tiny and have 5 seats, I'm not a tall person, but the middle seat is the only one I could sit in without hitting my head on the ceiling. I guess there's a reason they ask if you get claustrophobic before you go up.  Because it's an arch, the pods have to go up and over and tip a little bit and you seat moves, and it's all a little strange, but it gets you up to the top in like 2 minutes.
 Getting to the top isn't what I expected either. It has these small slanted windows, which I was skeptical of at first, how can you see much with these small windows? But they offer great views of the area, the magic of engineering. You can also feel the arch sway a bit on windy days. It swayed a bit while we were up there.
This was my first time actually seeing the Mississippi River. It's so iconic in US history that it was cool to see how big it is.

I wish I had been smart enough to take more than a snap chat of my amazing room at the Four Seasons. I had the most magical view of the arch, and the most amazing bathtub. Instead you'll have to settle for the view from the restaurant where we held an event.

It was a super fast trip and was a ton of work, but it was great to be there and ensure things went smoothly, and it was great to see a new place and an iconic landmark.
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