Thursday, October 30, 2014

2014 Is Not The Year of Sam

I've realized something this week. This is just not my year. I've had some crappy things go down this year on top of a lot of mishaps.

The cherry on the top of my not already great year, my doctor told me yesterday she has a clinical suspicion I have lyme disease. I had some blood work done and the initial test to see if I have lyme disease came back positive, and the second to see if I have chronic or acute lyme came back negative, which means my results are inconclusive. So now we're sending my blood to a better lab that of course doesn't take my insurance to have the tests done again.

I asked what we do if the tests came back negative, and she said that the tests for lyme disease aren't very good, that there hasn't been enough research yet to build a really solid test for lyme; and that pretty much no matter what my blood work says, she thinks I have chronic lyme disease.

 I went in because of my hands. I've had these tiny clear itchy blisters on my hands for months now. I obsessively put tea tree oil and coconut oil on them every day and it helped a lot, but they just weren't getting better, and new blisters were popping up every day, so I finally went in. She said it's something she sees in lyme patients a lot.
 And even though I don't have some of the symptoms for lyme, she said that people might develop symptoms, but over time they just learn to live with them and adapt, but really your immune system isn't doing so good, which is why this developed on my hands, because my immune system isn't working right.

Reading about lyme online, it makes it sound like you take anti-biotics and you're all better forever, but really, I'll essentially have lyme disease for the rest of my life, and we just need to figure out how to suppress it from taking over my immune system.

I'm not trying to be woe is me, or say I've had the worst year ever, because that's not true. Good things have happened this year. Hal and I were finally able to live together again, and My sister had a baby two days ago and I get to go meet my new niece soon. I try to not be negative in general, but I'm not going to lie, and maybe it's crazy; but it feels a little freeing to not get so worked up about all of the crappy stuff and just chalk it all up to this not being my year. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Pumpkin Carving

Hal and I have already gotten as much Halloweening in as we're probably going to get this year, so I figured why not post about it early and get some Halloween spirit going on around here. Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I'm feeling like spreading the spirit.

Last weekend Hal and I decorated sugar cookies and carved pumpkins. Now looking back at these pictures all I want is some more of Jessica's sugar cookies.
Above are some of the cookies that I decorated, and below you'll see the evolution of the mega cookie that Hal decorated, and how funny he is when it comes to this stuff. You might see a trend happening with his pumpkin below. It was one mega cookie, and I'm not gonna lie, it looks delicious right now.

See that trend on Hal's crafts? I don't even know how to describe his pumpkin...a totum looking gorilla thingy?

Also, if you don't have a porch to put your pumpkins on, don't carve them two weeks before Halloween. Carved pumpkins mold so fast when they're inside all the time. We already had to throw both of them away. Also, getting a $1 table cloth and putting it on the ground is the best way to carve. Then you can just wrap up the table cloth and throw it all away.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Calligraphy Pumpkin

Here's my disclaimer, I 100% stole this idea from Ashley's blog, Dancing with Ashley. I saw her adorable calligraphy pumpkin that she made and thought I could do that, and I wouldn't have to buy anything other than a pumpkin.
I got this Nail Rock package in my birch box one month and hated it after I used it. It got glitter all over the place and kind of ate up my nails. But when I saw her adorable glitter top on her pumpkin I thought it would be a good use of this nail polish since I didn't have regular glitter or modge podge.

All I did was paint a small section with clear nail polish, and then pour or dab some glitter onto the wet nail polish. I did that all over the top of the pumpkin and the stem. I maybe had glitter and clear nail polish all over one of my fingers by the end, but it cleaned up pretty quickly.

Then onto the calligraphy part. I just googled Calligraphy Boo or something like that and found a design I liked.
I then cut out the letters and design. If you look closely you can see where I had to tape the center parts of the design back together so I could get the center of the B and Os right.

Then I grabbed a sharpie and started coloring in. I'd recommend washing your pumpkin first. I didn't do this, and my sharpie kind of crapped out half way through, but I had some spares. I did the outline and then would remove some pieces of tape to get the shape right.
I ended up using three sharpies. I used the regular sharpie for almost all of the outline, but as I said, it was kind of crapping out by the end. So I used the big marker to fill everything in, and lastly, I used the thin line sharpie to correct the edges.

And Wallah
It was super easy, probably took me an hour to do the whole thing and my pumpkin won't rot as quickly. I've also thought about doing a different design on the other side of the pumpkin and using it for thanksgiving as well. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

My Thoughts On Having My Pictures Shared Without My Permission

Do you remember my amazing Cambodian wedding photos that Hal and I had taken while we were still Peace Corps volunteers? You can see them here, and here.

Well, about a year ago within a short time multiple people sent me links to my pictures being shared across the internet. They were showing up on American Cambodian instagram and on Khmer news webpages. It was a weird feeling not knowing that these people were taking my photos without my permission and I had no idea they were being used unless someone I know saw them and let me know.

Then this month another volunteer sent me this:
I guess in some ways I still don't quite know how I feel. I've heard horrible stories of bloggers having their photos stolen and fake blogs made up, and that just sounds terrible to me. It feels different than if someone in American was stealing my photos. Cambodia doesn't have copy right laws, and it just doesn't seem like they're stealing them for malicious reasons, they just like seeing foreigners in traditional wedding clothes.

While it feels really weird to have photos of Hal and I being shared around the internet without our permission or knowledge, and even though it may be a little bit creepy I guess I can't help but be flattered that they liked my pictures. Is it wrong to take a little pride in my stolen picture getting 600+ likes? 

So while I'd like to have my permission asked for, there seems to be a sense of innocence to them sharing my photos, so instead of being angry that they're using my photos, I can't help but laugh when it happens. 

Have you ever had your photos stolen? What are your thoughts on picture stealing?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Random Musings

It so often seems like there are small things I want to write about, but they're generally not enough to comprise a post, so perhaps if I put them all together...

1. Friends is coming to Netflix
Did you hear me? FRIENDS IS COMING TO NETFLIX!! Remember when I said that Gilmore Girls is my second husband while Hal studies for the CPA? Well, I have two and a half months before we're breaking up, because my original second love is coming to Netflix and will be my winter second husband.

2. Have you Tried PiYo?
Has anyone else tried Chalene Johnson's PiYo (pilates yoga)? My sister in law is amazing and started a challenge for it. It's an 8 week program and you don't need anything other than the discs to do it. I put mine on my google drive and stored them on my phone so I watch them on my phone and do them at the gym in the afternoons. Plus, Chalene is so much more likable than a lot of women in work out videos. Today was my first day of Buns, and I think I left my legs in the gym.

3. New Books
I just finished Winter's Tale after literally taking like 3 months to finish it. My kindle kind of crapped out and the book lost me at certain points of over the top description, and did I mention it's something like 700 pages? I need a new book to get me back into loving to read. Any good books you've read lately that you want to recommend?

4. Fall in DC
It's finally starting to feel like fall in DC. It's gotten colder, and the leaves are starting to change. Every morning when I walk outside I just get happy inside that it's fall. It's been pouring all afternoon long and all I want to do is curl up in bed with my pan of rice crispy treats with my husband, and watch my second husband (Gilmore Girls, get it? We came full circle.)
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