Thursday, July 24, 2014

Aveeno Vox Box

Please tell me all you've heard of Influenster? It's a great website where you get real rewards for reviewing products and sharing things on social media. Kind of like I'm about to share right now.

I recently received a free voxbox from Influenster with Aveeno Positively Radiant Targeted Tone Corrector. While that may be a mouthful to say, I've really enjoyed using it so far.
My sister told me once that people should start using anti aging stuff in their twenties, before they get wrinkles and such to help completely put off the aging process instead of just fighting it. So I always love trying anti-aging or correcting makeup.

The serum of Aveeno is so great, it's super light and a tiny bit goes a really long way. It feels a little bit tingly after I use it so it must be working. Or that's a ploy people to make it feel like it's working. Either way, I dig it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

50 Best Day Hikes Near DC: Billy Goat Trail A

This is the latest hike that we've done this summer from our book. The hike in the book is actually much longer than what we did, but I started not feeling too well, so we headed back without completing Billy Goat Trail B, or the separate trail back to the start.

Instead, what we did was start out at the Great Falls State Park, in Virginia. It costs $5 to enter the park, but the pass was good for 2-3 days. We started out by visiting the historic houses in the park which surprisingly were really cool.  We then started along the path called the C&O Canal. It's actually a really nice walk. It's all flat since it's next to the canal, and it's great for families.
We then followed the path to the overlooks of the falls. You'll first come across a smaller falls and it's crazy to watch how much water is flowing through there, and how fast, as you're standing right above it. Continue on the path out to the Great Falls, and they really are great. And I must say, the pictures can't do it justice, the falls are absolutely beautiful. 
After seeing the falls we headed back to the C&O Canal path and continued on that for a bit until we reached the turn off for Billy Goat Trail A. Trail A is the hardest of the three Billy Goat trails. It's described as a "rock scramble" and that's exactly what most of the trail is. I think we only went a few miles that day, but it took much longer than most hikes because you're navigating boulders, and at one point, kind of rock climbing up a steep area of solid rock.

My Thoughts on this hike: 
There were warning signs about the amount of injuries sustained on the trail each year, would warn when a difficult section was coming up, and they had exit trails that led back out to the easy C&O Canal path in case of emergency.

We saw children and even an older man with walking sticks out doing this trail. This hike didn't have a ton of difficulty as there wasn't a lot of gaining or loosing elevation, but it was taxing, especially in the heat of the day. I'd say little children might not be the best for Trail A, unless you plan to wear them in carriers. 

Now having done the trail, I would probably park at the Old Angler's Inn, which lies between the start of Billy Goat Trail A & B. You can park there for free, and when we were driving home we saw cars lined up for a good ways down the street. 

This hike offered stunning view of the Potomac all throughout the hike. And of course my favorite part, we got to see lots of animals on this trail, which was unexpected, and a nice surprise. And we got to see people rock climbing across the Potomac, and people doing paddle board yoga.

Monday, July 21, 2014

He Moved Home

Remember last week when I posted about how Hal and I had been living apart for more than 7 months and I was growing ever more tired of it?
My last daily cat picture

Without him knowing that I wrote that post, and without me knowing what he was going to do, that day Hal called up his manager in New Jersey and quit.

He moved home the next day.
And we couldn't be happier.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Lets Talk About Birth Control, Again

All of this talk about birth control in the news had really gotten me fired up. So this talk about birth control is going to be a little bit different than our last one. 

Did you guys read/hear about the Supreme Court decision that private companies do not have provide their employees with insurance that covers birth control?

Can I get a collective WHAT THE WHAT?

You should all read this article about Ruth Bader Ginsberg's dissent from the 5-4 decision. 

Did you notice that ALL 5 males on the court voted to allow companies to not provide contraception to their employees, and all 4 women dissented? 

How is viagra covered and birth control not?

I get that a company has religious affiliations. But what if not everyone working at that organization is a part of that religion? How is that not inflicting on our rights as human beings? I am a religious person. While I don't agree with some women's choices of birth control, I still believe in their right to make that choice for themself. 
All of this is supremely frustrating to me. I just don't understand how in this modern age we are still fighting this fight. We as women are still having to fight for the right to make choices about our own bodies. How is it legal for our employer or the government or anyone to tell us what we can and cannot do, and what medicines should or should not be covered when it comes to our own bodies?

I lost insurance last year for over 6 months and had to pay out of pocket for birth control. I had to switch birth controls because the one I was on was too expensive to pay for anymore. Birth Control can be really expensive without insurance, and it can add up fast month after month.
I just don't understand. How can a company not provide you with medicine? Birth control saves lives. Birth control saved my life. When I was 15 I was hospitalized for menorrhagia, had to receive a blood transfusion and was literally hours away from dying. Do you know what prevents that from happening again? Birth control. When I was 18 I went off birth control for two years to see if my body would be able to regulate itself hormonally. After three months straight of bleeding I had to go back on birth control. Birth control saved my life. How can that not be considered medicine that is necessary for all companies to offer on their insurance plans?

All of the pictures in this post are from this wonderful post on Buzzfeed, where they asked why women take birth control.
But does it really matter why we take birth control? We are human beings and we should be allowed to make our own medical decisions. Not everyone even has to agree with our decisions. That's the whole point of having agency, right?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

7 Months Apart

It's been a while since I shared my daily cat pictures that I send to Hal, and lets be honest, everyone loves some cat pictures.
I've lived alone for over 7 months now. 7 loooooong months. I see Hal on the weekends, and it's terrible to see him leave every Monday morning. It sucks so much that he's started not working on Fridays so he can be in DC by the time I get off of work.
 But honestly, I'm a little afraid to live with someone again. I'm all about routines in the morning. That's how I survive getting up in the morning. How am I supposed to share the getting ready space when my routine is timed to the minute to make the shuttle? Well I guess I did it for years, and it's 1000% worth finally living with my husband again, so I'll push aside my nerves and grumpy morning self and adjust when it comes time.
can you spot all three of us?
I think we've really just hit the point where we're tired of being apart. 4 months of complete separation, and three months of only weekends together really wears a couple out.

Hal asked EY to move up his start date from September to August. We're keeping our fingers crossed they say yes.

So keep your fingers crossed for us that they let Hal move up his start date, and in the mean time; you can laugh at Tuk Tuk's face in the photo below. See a Resemblance?
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