Friday, October 31, 2008


We got to the DR a day late, but luckily we got to the hotel safe and sound after an interesting ride. It was really interesting to see Puerto Plata and the outskirts on the way to the resort. We definatel had some issues with the resort, but overall the DR was fun. It rained most of the time we were there, but that didn't really damper things.

It really is so beautiful there
Us finally getting to the DR

I thought it was hilarious that they put flowers in the toilet

We took a nice walk on the beach at night

Hal pre-shaved: he hadn't shaved since our wedding

Hal Bean after he shaved

These were my favorite part of the resort, these lights were so pretty

The lights during the day

One of the pools

This is my favorite picture ever!!

This was our last night at the resort

Right before the magician started

This is the awesome magician who pulled a duck out that peed all over the stage, and he put a bunny and 3 birds in a box and pulled out a goat, it was so sweet.

This is in the airport leaving the DR

DR from the airplane
Once again we had some airplane issues coming home including buying tickets on another airline and sleeping in the Las Vegas airport. make up for the bad times and bad moods about our honeymoon we bought a Wii with the remaning cash. And to make it even better for our anniversary Hal bought me a Wii fit. yay! So now all of you can come and visit and play wii fit with us.

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Scott & Traci said...

The rose petals in the toliet is pretty sweet, I hope our hotel in Vegas does that for us :) Youre pictures look awesome! :)

It was SO fun coming to your wedding! :) Hopefully we can come hang out with you two soon! :)

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