Friday, October 31, 2008

New York, New York

So finally we got our wireless up and running so I can post some pictures of our Honeymoon. We had an...intereseting honeymoon. New York was amazing, and I highly suggest going. What I do not suggest is ever traveling on buddy passes, they are the spawn of the devil. I will split the posts into two one for the DR, and one for New York.

The Empire State Building and you can see Macys
Central Park!

We took this for Judy, she loves Mama Mia

Wicked is the bestest
Hal and I in times Square

Right outside times square

Can you find me? We'e getting out at Pen Station

On the long island rail road going into the city
We had so much fun in New York. Because of evil flights we had 2 nights in New York. We didn't have the camera for the second night because we didn't think we'd be in the city too long. We actually were there longer and it was awesome. We saw Rockefeller Center, Sack's 5th Ave, St. Patrick Church, and we even took a subway out of Grand Cental Station. Both of us were so excited to have another night on the way back to Salt Lake, but we ended up taking an earlier flight. We met a New Yorker on the flight to the DR, and he was on our flight back. He told us of a bunch of cool places to visit on the edge of SoHo. I want to go back so badly now!

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