Monday, December 22, 2014

To Beard or Not to Beard

This is a discussion I've been having with a lot of women lately. Beards are apparently "in" and man is only measured by his ability to grow a full thick beard.

Hal has recently become obsessed with beard growing. He kind of just let his scruff out, and then started to notice it was much thicker than it used to be, so he let it keep growing.
I'm not going to lie, his beard was pretty impressive. He combed it and put beard oil and mustache wax in it to make sure it wasn't all crazy. It was not a bad looking beard.

But man I hated it. I hated kissing it with a passion. Mustache hairs up my nose? No thanks!
So I'm curious ladies. Where do you all stand on the whole beard thing? A few weeks ago we were with some other couples and every single girl there said they were not a fan of the beard. My best friend on the other hand apparently loves the beard. My sister in law also likes her husband better with a goatee.
Hal shaved his off for his CPA exam and I rejoiced so loud you might have heard it.

But apparently the beard is back to being grown. You may hear my tears as soon as it gets to the length of poking me in the nose.

Do you like the beard? Or is a goatee your thing? Or do you secretly want to shave it off in the night like me?

And just for a little holiday beard joy...


Tanika Rice said...

Daniel looks good with one, but he can't keep one because of the military. He is sad! HAH! Let him beard it up I say!

Mama Rachel said...

I love my Russell's beard! He looks so handsome. However, I do agree with you on the moustache hair on the nose...

But, I still vote for the beard-- at least for my guy. ;-)

Kayla MKOY said...

I think he looks great with one! BUT I hate mustache hairs up my nose while kissing so I usually can only handle Caleb's beard for a few weeks!

Rachel said...

I am so so so so not a fan of beards or not shaving, largely because of the kissing factor. And I think Angel looks best cleanshaven. On other guys, I don't really care. My Dad usually alternates between being cleanshaven and having a beard for a couple years at a time. My mom prefers him to have a beard because he looks older that way, haha!

Heather Sander said...

I think it's pretty clear what my stance on beards is... I love them so much! If you can tough it through the first couple of weeks of mustache hairs up your nose while kissing, it seems like it goes away. It also really helps if they're properly maintaining it. If they use conditioner on their beards in the shower, it really helps keep it softer and if they can keep it tidy and trimmed, they don't get those weird stragglers.

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