Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

Buying presents for boys can be hard. They like practical/useful gifts. Like makeup and pretty things are useful? When we first got married I gave Hal lots of sentimental gifts that I spent so much time making. He always put on a nice face, but seeing his reaction when I made him an emergency car kit for Valentines last year, I knew he liked it so much more than a picture book of our first year of marriage. Whatever.

So here's my little hipster guide for Christmas Gifts for the man in your life.

1. Charles Tyrwhitt Dress Shirt
White herringbone slim fit shirt
Randomly one day we received a catalog with a great coupon for a Charles Tyrwhitt shirt. We had never heard of them before, but we checked out their store in DC. Hal is kind of obsessed with his dress shirt from there. His has a herringbone pattern on it, and he just loves the quality of it. Can't go wrong with a really high quality dress shirt. Plus they often have their shirts on sale for $39.

2. Personalized Tie Bar and Cuff links
Antiqued Brass Tie Clip and Cufflinks Set, Choose Any Letter - Personalized Tie Clip, Letter Tie Bar, Antiqued Brass - Made to Order
There are a ton of cuff link and tie bar sets on Etsy. You can get ones handstamped with your initials, and even include a little cute secret message on the inside of the tie bar.

3. Multi tools
There are so many cool multi tools these days, and seriously, what guy doesn't love one of these credit card sized multi tools? These just scream manly. 

4. Birchbox for Men
Hal loves his birchbox. He's had it for two years now and has lots of products he loves, from this face lotion, this shaving cream, to anything by Billy Jealousy. Let's be honest ladies, we want a well groomed man, and birchbox for men leads to that. He always gets a full sized product in his. He's gotten ties, socks, bottle openers and all sorts of cool stuff I wish I got in mine. 

5. Beard Stuff
What is up with the beard trend lately? I'm pretty sure Hal thinks having a beard is the manliest thing in the world. But when your man works in an office, he needs a well groomed beard, so get your man some soap just for his beard. I also happen to know this shop has a beard balm coming soon.              
6. Horn Comb
Hal was given this comb as a gift, and he has been kind of obsessed with it. It's manly, but pretty, and as an added plus, he will finally stop stealing your brush.                                                                      


Tanika Rice said...

THANK YOU! Holy crap, those tie clip & cuff links are EXACTLY what I should get Daniel! Thanks for the tip!

Rachel said...

They do like the practical gifts best. I've had success with exactly 1 sentimental gift-I got Angel's whole family and mine to write him letters for his 30th b-day and put them into a notebook. The rest of the time--chocolates, his favorite cologne, things that light up like headlamps and hand-crank flashlights, shirts from his favorite store--those are the kind of things I go for!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Oh, cuff links will be perfect. Love this list girl. Thanks for the ideas...I have my gifts for my guy, but lists can never be too little. Never thought of Birchbox...might do that. :)

Heather Sander said...

Yay! Thanks for sharing my soap!! The Beard Balm is going up on Etsy after Christmas -- If you want to review it and the pine tar beard soap, I'll send you (Well, Hal) some and send you something not for beards. :P Let me know!

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