Friday, September 26, 2014

An Open Love Letter to Walgreens

Dear Walgreens,
I love you. Can I just say how much I appreciate a good pharmacy? There are about a billion CVS pharmacies out here and there's a reason I walk 15 minutes to the Walgreens near my work every 3 weeks to pick up my birth control instead of switching to the CVS that's close and in drive able distance to my house. And here's the story why.

I've was on the same birth control for a long time. They had a coupon that made it only $24, so when I lost insurance it didn't really matter. But then they stopped making my prescription and the new chewable replacement was $100 without insurance, and the discount card didn't work without insurance anymore. The pharmacist was so helpful in figuring out my options for switching birth controls, and my doctor was amazing and helped me figure out a way to take the generic that was the same was my old birth control. Perfect. It was $30 without insurance and I could get 3 months at a time, which was great, because then the closest Walgreens to me was like 25 minutes driving away.

But then I got insurance again when I started my job last year, and Aenta wouldn't let me get 3 months at a time, so I had to now walk to the pharmacy 15 minutes away every 3 weeks. It was fine until it got really cold, or really hot, but mostly fine. When my prescription was up for renewal I decided to switch to Walgreens by mail so I could get 3 months at a time.

Oh Aetna doesn't let you do Walgreens by mail, you have to do Aenta rx home delivery, and then you can get 3 months at time.

Except Aetna home delivery is the worst pharmacy in the world. I've been working with them for over 2 months to try and get my prescription. They sent me the wrong generic first, then they kept saying it was too early to renew, even though I had never taken any of the other generic and was mailing it back. Nothing we did could get them to read the prescription the way other pharmacies do. My doctor sent in at least 5 prescriptions trying to get them to read it as 12 active weeks of straight pills, no inactive ones. I would call Aetna and see if the latest one worked, then I would have to leave a message with my Dr, wait for the nurse to call me back and have her fax over another prescription to them.

It was giving me such stress having to constantly bug the nurses at my Drs office, and constantly call Aetna to have it not work out. Everyone I talked to at Aetna was super nice, and you get a live person very quickly, but it was just too difficult. We would follow their exact instructions on how to write the prescription to get what I wanted, only to have them say no, "you have to write it this way".

After two months (and one months worth called into Walgreens because I had run out) I gave up.I called my Dr. and said I want to go back to Walgreens yesterday after another failed attempt at Aetna. 2 hours later I get an e-mail saying my prescription is ready, I log in and look, and it's the exactly right prescription, no problems. NO PROBLEMS.

So Walgreens, I won't complain about my walk in heat/cold anymore.

I love you for not messing up my birth control and being so stinking easy.

I'll never attempt to leave you again.


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Rachel said...

My parents have Aetna general it seems extremely frustrating to deal with, glad you have a Walgreens not too far away!

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