Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Eradicate Duchenne

My work often sponsors events that kind of seems like snooze fests to attend. At least for me to attend, so generally when they have extra tickets I don't go, but when my co-worker mentioned this fundraiser for Eradicate Duchenne was going to have 13 famous chefs from the area with food from their famous restaurants, I snatched those tickets right up.
The event was held at Eastern Market and it was just downright beautiful they way they had it decorated inside. 
We got to try so many delicious items from so many popular local resturants. It did feel a little weird to be there and realize we live in a place where this kind  of event happens all of the time, and a lot of the people there probably attend events like it all of the time.

We both had different favorites. Hal's favorite was was the scallops from Matt Baker of the Occidental Grill, and my favorite was the Lao Chicken Curry from Golden Bangkok. On man, it tasted like a more delicious Cambodia in my mouth and instantly made me nostalgic for Cambodia.  
I guess I shouldn't shy away from my work sponsored events in the future, because Hal and I had such a good time. 


Judy Morgan said...

Woooowwwww! That us so cool!

Krysten Quiles said...

Wow very fancy!

Susannah said...

I'd snatch those tickets up too! That food looks so good!

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