Monday, December 10, 2012

Do They Know It's Christmas Time?

Ok guys, I have a bone to pick with this Christmas song.

The song was written and performed originally for the 1983-1985 famine in Ethiopia. Now that, that is great and fabulous. That is not my problem with this song at all.

Have you guys listened to the lyrics of this song?

Well tonight thank God it's them instead of you
Thank God it's them and not you? Do they think that is inspiring? I think that is a horrible thing to think. I understand the sentiment they're trying to get across here, but is comes across like praying to God, thanks for letting them starve, so I don't have to....

And there won't be snow in Africa this christmas time
Why would they have snow for Christmas? December is summertime in Africa. I remember once reading about Nicole Kidman saying she hangs out in her bikini on Christmas because it's summer time there, it's not winter. Having snow for Christmas is totally a northern westernized idea of Christmas. It's a little bit of an ethnocentric idea.

Do they know it's christmas time at all?
Ah, my biggest bone to pick with this song. I never thought about this before living in a non Christian country...The largest religion in Africa is Islam...therefore they aren't Christian. Christmas in Cambodia was not a big deal to Cambodians, because they're Buddhist, they don't celebrate Christmas, it's not part of their religion. It's the same for Islamists. So why would they care if it's Christmas time if they don't celebrate Christmas or believe in Christ?
And if they are Christian, as a growing number of African are, just because there's hard times going on, why would they forget that it's Christmas?
Again, ethnocentrism.

And guys, there are lots more I could go on about. I think it's great that they want to help out those experiencing calamtities all over the world, but I really hope next time they'll think about the lyrics a little more, especially if they want us to get behind their message.

I guess I'll step off my soap box now. That song has just been driving me nuts on the radio this year.

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