Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sick Talk

How do I put this nicely....when Hal is sick, he's kind of the biggest baby I've ever met. But really, who doesn't want to be taken care of when they're sick?

When he's sick he wants to be taken care of like he's a 5 year old. He whines a bit and wants chicken noodle soup all the time.

He called me as I was leaving work to tell me he was sick and to ask me to get him some chicken noodle soup, and here's how the conversation went down.

Hal: "I'm sick, I have a sore throat, will you go to Costco and get me some chicken noodle soup?"

Me: "I'm sorry you're sick. I'll go to target and get you the best soup I can find. We don't have a Costco card, so I can't go there. Do you want me to get you some cold medicine?"

Hal: "Yes."

Hal: "You're not talking to me all mushy."

Me: "I'm sorry you're sick, baby pie."

Hal: "You're talking to me professionally, talk to me like I'm a 3 year old."

Me: "Professionally? I just called you baby pie."

Hal: "Talk to me like you would talk to your nephew if he was sick."

Me: String of random baby talk

Hal: "It's hard line to talk to me like a 3 year old and not sound partonizing, huh?"

And then I came home to find him with a fever and curled up like this:


Torrie said...

Ha ha! Have you ever seen The Big Bang Theory episode where Sheldon gets sick? If not, you must check it out. You will die laughing.

Ace said...

I miss Hal.

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Ahhhhhhh....that's the cutest thing ever. Hope he felt better soon enough. Being sick simply sucks. :(

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