Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks


I can't tell you how excited I am to be home for the holidays this year. We had a version of the holidays in Cambodia, but nothing can beat that homemade pumpkin pie, and hanging out with family. Nothing.

This year our families are combining Thanksgiving. This year I get to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family ON Thanksgiving and that's enough for me.

I'm going Black Friday shopping with my sister.

I'm going to start Christmas music on Friday.

I'm feeling this holiday spirit even stronger because I missed it last year. I may have sneaked a few songs a bit early this year, just because it makes me feel the spirit. shh, don't tell.

I'm giving thanks that I'm home for the holidays.


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Haha I'm spending today eating turkey, watching Christmas movies and putting Christmas decor up. It's holiday time!

Torrie said...

That's cool that your families combine Thanksgiving--I don't think I've ever heard of anyone doing that. (Of course, if our families tried to do it, we'd have almost 40 people with just the immediate family, so...)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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