Monday, November 19, 2012

A Weekend of Birthdays

So I'm a week late in posting about or Birthday filled weekend, but you'll forgive me, right?

On his birthday I surprised him with tickets to see The Killers at the end of the month. They're his favorite band and he's never seen them, and he had no idea they were coming to town. Points for me! Then we fulfilled his shopoholic needs and went to IKEA and found him a desk he's in love with.

We started the weekend by celebrating Hal's 26th Birthday with friends and family at the delicious Thai restaurant Sawadee. My favorite is the Pineapple Curry. mmm. I felt super fancy because I knew how to bow correctly and say thankyou in Thai. I'm pretty much the shiz, right?

All that food was gone so quickly. Dang Thai food is yummy! We mentioned it was Hal's birthday and they came out singing and brought us yummy fried bananas.

Then we kicked on over to the Gateway to see the new James Bond. It was openning weekend and it was packed. The James Bond girl in Skyfall is like 1/3rd Cambodian. Pretty awesome, right? The movie was really good. I was the best James Bond I've seen in a while. I thought it was kind of a throw back to old school James Bonds. It was good.

The next day was our good friend Charles' Birthday. It had been snowing for over a day straight by that point and the snow had piled up over night. They went to play in the snow, but we missed that and went straight for the cake, literally, not figuratively. Charles' family is so sweet and hosted everyone for dinner and games and cake. I learned some new fun weird pig game. Ever played Pass the Pigs? It's silly, and easy, but I enjoyed it.

On Sunday we had a party for Hal at my dad's Almost everyone was sick and couldn't come, but Hal didn't mind once he got a load of the present my sister made him.
Hal and Organic homemade jello = Life complete.


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...


Rolled Up Pretty said...

What a good wife you are surprising your husband with Killer tickets! Sounds like a fun birthday extravaganza! :)

Torrie said...

Man, I'm just impressed that Hal HAS shopaholic needs. I have to beg Matt to come shopping with me, and I'll only do it if I really, really want to put up with him getting a headache and wanting to leave about 5 minutes in. So kudos to Hal for manning up to it :)

Ashley said...

I love the new James Bond something fierce!

Thai food is fantastic, but sometimes when they make it too spicy, I'M DYING!!!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It sounds like it was a good one!!

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