Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In one week

In one week:

- I'll get to see my family again
- I get to take my munchkin nieces and nephews to the zoo.
- I'll have access to both air conditioning or heating everywhere I go.
- I can drive again.
- I'll have access to whatever food my heart desires
- I'll be able to eat yummy desserts again
- I'll be able to make delicious foods with whatever ingredients I want.
- I'll have access to a grocery store with almost anything I could dream of.
- I'll get to meet Hal's parents new dog.
- I get to snuggle with my kitty cat
- I get to sleep in my own comfy bed again
- I'll get my closet back
- I can shower every day with hot water.
- I'll be able to understand what people are saying to me.
- I'll have to find a job, and fast.
- I will have endless luxury at my fingertips.

But in one week:

- I'll miss my students
- I'll miss my host family.
- I'll miss my host mom's laugh.
- I'll miss being able to teach my students new things they never even thought existed.
- I'll never get to finish teaching them the book we've been working through for the last year.
- I'll miss my PCV family.
- I'll miss the excitement of finally getting some decent western food.
- I'll miss the ridiculously cheap prices for western food (by american standards)
- I'll miss riding my bike through town.
- I'll miss being a local celebrity.
- I'll miss being blessed enough to have the smallest bit of Cambodian luxury in my flushing toilet and running water.
- I'll miss kids calling out to me as I ride by on my bike.

But most of all I'll miss Cambodia.

I'm not sure I'm ready for this transition yet.


Torrie said...

It's a tough transition to make. I think the thing that surprised me most of all was how hard it was to integrate myself back into the more materialistic American culture. I remember coming home and thinking that everyone and everything was completely self-centered. One thing that really helped was starting school and being busy again because whenever I had too much down time, I tended to get depressed. It will be hard, but we'll all be excited to see you back!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

This transition will be difficult, let's be honest here. But it'll enrich you. I am excited to hear all about your new US adventures ;) and am glad you are back over here, although yes, Cambodia will miss you dearly...I am sure!

Hope you find a job fast...something to distract you while you are trying to adjust to life in the US again. It's going to be a bizarre culture shock experience.


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