Monday, August 6, 2012

Things I Don't Want to Forget: Host Family

I realized that I talk a lot about what Hal and I do outside of site, but not a lot about what we do at site, or just little every day things. I've been trying to blog more about those things, but I need to get better. There are just so many little things about Cambodia and Cambodians that I don't want to forget. I'm going to try and write more about these things, the hilarious interactions we have everyday with the people in our village and the things they do that are wonderful and so different from America. It's fulfilling a PC goal right? Sharing with my mostly American readers about what Cambodia is like. Just nod yes.

There are so many things that I don't want to forget about my time here in Cambodia. Today I'm sharing funny moments and memories with my host family. Please enjoy and hopefully you can laugh and get to know my host family better.

Host Family:
-How X-Ray one very drunk night tried to get into our locked room which he thought was his room, and Bookie had to stop him.
-How when we first got to site, we had this old lady yelling at us in Khmer and directing us, and then she smiled and her one tooth showed and I thought, "hot dang, this is our one toothed yay." Seriously, that's how I recognized her.
-How Bookie sometimes steals our pancake mix to make Cambodian desserts more delicious.
-How Moto Accident sounds like she's crying whenever she laughs.
-How the moment our door is open for a significant amount of time our host mom is in our room trying to clean something.
-How X-Ray giggles the minute he sees Hal or I, at any time of the day.
-How Bookie loves to be involved in whatever Hal and I are doing - especially in the kitchen which sometimes leads to interesting pancakes or her throwing away food she thinks is bad, but in fact, has not gone bad.
-How we've had birds living in our ceiling this entire time, and our family keeps saying they'll take care of it, kind of like they said they'd put a screen on our window and put in another window...and then you wake up to them banging a piece of metal to cover the only source of light in our bathroom....we think to make it cooler? Sounds logical.
-How Bookie is very concerned about the amount of mosquito bites I get since I had dengue and lights mosquito coils when I'm in the kitchen or living room.
-How my training host brother used to pee onto the bathroom floor from standing in the doorway so he didn't have to actually go in. Found out kind of late that's why our bathroom always smelled like pee. SO glad that we always wore flip flops in that bathroom.
-When Moto Accident does my nails and does them super amazingly Khmer.

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Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I don't think you're ever going to forget this experience and thank you for sharing it with all of us!

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