Saturday, August 11, 2012

Things I Don't Want to Forget: Cambodian People

Today my don't want to forget memories come from just Cambodians in general. Cambodians are some of the most amazing people I have ever met. I hope this helps you get a better picture of what Cambodians are like.

Cambodian People:
-How Khmer women click their tongues to get animals to stop doing something.
-How Cambodians have no fear of GIANT spiders or poisonous scorpions, but they are afraid of geckos.
-When you tell Cambodians what you're doing in Cambodia and they sincerely say thank you for trying to help their country.
-How a Cambodian woman can school me any day of the week at washing clothes by hand.
-How Yays (Grandmothers) are freaking BOSS. They rule Cambodia and can do whatever they want.
-The way Yay can just tell you what to do, and you do it.
-The scary black witch like smiles of Yays(grandmothers) from chewing an addictive leaf.
-How yelling does not mean you're angry. I'm not really sure what does mean you're angry, but Khmer people are very uncomfortable about crying.
-How they can step out of their flip flops as they enter a building without breaking stride.
-How they love foreigners and little kids run to the street to yell "Hello" at you as your ride by on your bike.
-How the little kids will learn your name and say "Hello, Sam" as you ride by.
-And how they're amazed if you yell back "Hello (insert their name)"
-How they'll pick their noses at any moment and any time, even when they're talking to you.
-When a baby starts crying and whomever is holding them just starts making noises equally as loud to get them to stop crying.
-How Cambodians will tell you one of two things when they meet you - your skin is beautiful, your nose is beautiful and pointy.

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