Monday, December 19, 2011

Combating Homesickness

Lately I've been so homesick. Maybe it's the fact that we've been living here for about 5 months now. Maybe it's because I've never been away from my family for Christmas, but it feels more than that.

I think the biggest thing that has been making me homesick is the fact that I keep dreaming about my family. I keep dreaming about my sisters, but what's weird is I keep dreaming about my mother. I hardly ever dream about my mom. This month marks 5 years since she passed away.

Remember when I posted about this necklace I had made?
It says: I hold your heart in mine. I had it made in remembrance of my mother. Just because she wasn't there in person for big events such as my graduation or my wedding doesn't mean that she wasn't there. I guess the one thing I've used to combat homesickness is what this necklace represents, that she's with me, always. Even though I can text my sister when I want to talk to my family, it's different to feel like someone's spirit and heart is there with you, supporting you, and proud of you. I feel really lucky to have that sort of support behind me everyday. So although dreaming about my sisters makes me even more homesick, dreaming about my mom is comforting.

This just felt like something I needed to sit down and write, and get off my chest, but on a lighter note...Please tell me what you do to combat homesickness?


Rants & Raves: The Kaneen Chronicles Vol. II said...

It's so hard to be homesick. I am sorry you are feeling that way. I had such a hard time when we first moved to Utah and I still have random moments when I long for the comfort of home. When I get homesick I just cling to what I have there to comfort me. Good luck. You are doing a great work and the people you are serving are thankful for all your sacrifices.

Recently Roached said...

I'm sorry you're so homesick. I think the best thing you can do is talk to your family as much as you can, and hold on tight to your hubs :) Hope it gets better soon!

Torrie said...

Being away from home during the holidays is hard; I feel for you. On my mission, the best recipe to combat any homesickness was just to work, work, work---helping other people out and serving my fellow man helped me to forget about my own problems in no time.

I also would think to myself about how I likely would spend many, many Christmases more with my family all around me, but that this was my one opportunity to spend it in El Salvador and celebrate it in a totally new way. Try to embrace the new cultural ways that Cambodia has of celebrating holidays, and that might also help.

Know that we love you, and hope you have a very merry, very memorable Christmas!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I can't imagine being in your shoes and at the holidays so far away. Maybe your mom has been coming to you in dreams because she wants you to know everything is OK!

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