Thursday, March 10, 2011

Trying new things: Sushi Edition

I've been pretty good about sticking to my goal of trying new things. In less than a week I tried something new twice. Do you hear that! twice. You know what I tried for the very first time in my life? Sushi.

I hate fish. The End. End of story, I hate fish. But everyone seemed to just rave about sushi, and I'm being open, so I thought I would give it a try. We gave my brother in law a groupon for a sushi place for his birthday, and since he was going away, and this was his last weekend to play, he was generous enough to take us out to sushi, so off to Park City we went. The wait was a while, so we went to a candy store up the street. Man was it amazing inside.

It was such a cute shop! I'm sorry, but I don't remember the name, because I'm dumb and think I will get the pictures off my phone before they go away, but I always forget, so I lost the picture of the sign, and all of the pictures of what rolls we ate, except for this one.

Yeah, that's right, we ordered fried shrimp heads. But there were only two, so I let the boys have them...either that or I had no intention of ever eating them. We got three different rolls, we ordered the Haloe roll, the Tempura Shrimp, and one called the Rob's Special. We also ordered some chicken in case I chickened out...pun not intended.

You know, I had had one piece of sushi before, and it had eel in it, because they told me eel wasn't fishy, but the texture of eel was awful. This time, I was much more impressed with the sushi. It was a cool restaurant too, it was called Flying Sumo. And you know, everything automatically fancy if it's in Park City. I didn't mind the shimp tempura, or the coconut shrimp, even though I hate shredded coconut, but I didn't enjoy the Rob's Special. It had raw tuna on top and that was just a little too much for me. But overall it was pretty good. Good enough to get me to agree to go to sushi a few days later.

At the request of my brother in law we went to Ichiban. Mon - Wed nights they do Happy Hour where their rolls are like $5-6, so off we went. Sadly, I lost the picture of the sushi rolls, but it was a sight to see, we ordered at least 10 plates. We did order a lot of the Vegas roll, which is my favorite sushi roll, at least from there. It's deep fried, and has creme cheese in it, so you can't even taste the salmon. We had our own little private Japanese style booth thing, and the restaurant was just beautiful.

I really liked both sushi places! Minus the roll I tried I think it was called the pink power....oh man, it didn't have fish on top, and the fish inside was cooked, so I thought I was safe until I started chewing and pop pop eggs! EWWW! I gagged and almost spit it out, but I was trying new things, so I finished it and then didn't eat another one of those. Well, if you go to Ichiban, my two favorite were the fried ones, the vegas, and the x96 roll. Mmm, those were good, I even got my sister in law, who also hates fish to try those two!

Hal and I agreed, the best part about sushi, is how it leaves you feeling. You know how some types of food are just so heavy and so you feel heavy after eating? Well, sushi leaves you feeling satisfied, and I never seemed to get over-full, it was just content and comfortable after eating there, your body just feels good.

So I think it was a success, and I'd be willing to try more sushi in the future!


Big Mama said...

I was really suprised that the vegas and x96 were so good! I had two of each! It was fun to be adventurous.

mikey and kimby said...

Yay for sushi!!! And I totally agree about how you feel after eating sushi. And I love fish eggs ... the pop pop pop is so delightful. :)

{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Sushi!!! Let's go!!! :)
Anything Sushi makes my day, except for, yes, eel. ;) So not my thing. ;)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I've only had sushi once but it was pretty good! That's awesome for trying new things!

Amy Hansen said...

I want to try some sushi now!

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