Monday, March 7, 2011

Adventures in Babysitting

I have some good news! I figured out one of the computers at work has a mini SD reader in it, I slipped in my SD card, and wallah, my pictures from my phone were still there, at least the ones that hadn't gone black yet. I was pretty excited about this. And luckily, because of this they figured out, the problem is with my phone and they're sending me a new one, yay!

Last weekend we had another first. We had our first babysitting sleepover at our house. It was my sister's birthday, so we took her youngest, and another sister took her older 2. I wasn't sure how it was going to go, considering this kid's nickname is "the destroyer" and he was on his 3rd week being potty trained. I think Hal and I were both surprised by how well things went. My sister dropped him off, and Hal decided to teach him how to play a wii game demo that he downloaded called "Max and the Magic Marker" He was able to get a hold of the holding the jump button and the joystick to the right, but it was a little rough to use both hands to do stuff. We asked if he wanted to play the dance game, since that's the first thing he asked when he came over, but apparently jumping and constantly falling in the water was more fun than that.

Then we played with the kitty for a while, with the toy she's obsessed with, which may have been a bad idea, seeing as the next day, he tried to play with the kitty and the toy by himself, and ended up getting a big scratch on his hand. But it wasn't anything a band-aid that he just took off 10 minutes later couldn't fix. I felt bad he got scratched, but my sister didn't care. She said he's used to it from their cat, and was just glad he was dressed when she came to pick him up. And seeing as my other nephew shoved her daughter into a fridge for "asking to borrow his stool," it wasn't the worst injury her kids endured that weekend

We took him over to my in-laws, because I haven't met a kid that doesn't love going over to their house. All of my nieces and nephews love to go over there. He was a little nervous at first and stayed by me, but he soon warmed up and spent a large part of the night, shutting himself in the toy cupboard under the TV and then kicking the doors open. I love it when kids entertain themselves.

That night he went to bed so well. He got up once to get his train, and knocked things over in the process, so we heard him. He jumped right back in bed, and 10 minutes later we heard a cupboard closing, and Hal went out there to check on him, but he was dead asleep. The next morning at 8 on the dot we heard him talking, so Hal went out there to have him go to the bathroom, and we accidentally ended up waking him up, because he had been talking in his sleep! Since I'm lazy in the mornings we had some fun times lying in our bed doing this:
 He didn't like the flash on my phone so he was making this face in every single picture. Then we lazed around the living room, and he spent an hour playing with his train on any flat surface he could find. Once i looked over and saw this:
How cute is this picture? I turned on Scooby Doo for him, and I think this might have been the only time he actually was watching it. Please excuse our messy house...we had a kid over, that's an excuse, right? It definitely wasn't as bad as I thought it might be! It's nice to just babysit one kid who can walk and talk, and tell you what he needs. Don't worry, this didn't make me baby hungry. I think for now I'll definitely just stick with babysitting!

After he left we both needed a little of this:


Allison said...

Ahh, this is so cute! I love that picture of him hanging off the back of Hal's chair- ADORABLE! Kids are cute, definitely.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That's great that you were able to pull some of your photos!!! That last photo is too cute!

Mama Rachel said...

Aw! You and Hal are going to be the cutest, sweetest parents! :-) (And I agree-- my kids LOVE to go to Judy and John's house! It's a great place to be. :-D )

Amy Hansen said...

So cute! I'm sad that I don't get to do things like this. Looks like you had a good time though!

Michelle said...

I truly was just happy that he was dressed. The scratch was nothing. I mean, think about it...a kid nicknamed "The Destroyer" and a cat. Yeah definitely not his fist innocent scratch and not his last either. I would never let anything bad happen to him but, I think its important to let your kids get a few of their own bumps and bruises along the way. They take those experiences and learn from them.

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