Monday, March 14, 2011

Saying Goodbye Can Be Hard To Do

Some months ago, my family had to say goodbye to this guy
This is my little brother, and he had made the amazing decision to serve a mission for our church was off to do some training with a ton of other missionaries for a few weeks before he headed off to Washington. But then something bad happened....he got sick, real sick, and had to come home. They did a non invasive surgery and he was able to finally make it to Washington. Everyone was so excited for him. I was so proud that he had made the decision and worked so hard to be able to serve for his church. So we all said goodbye once again.
Only to have him come home a month later because the non-invasive surgery didn't hold. He has surgery scheduled for tomorrow. Lets hope that his works, because I know he's dying to get back out there and serve.

Well, in the mean time some other goodbyes needed to be said. Hal's little brother made the same amazing decision to serve a mission. He's going a little further away from home though, he'll be in Latvia after his training. He left the same time my little brother had to come home, so it was a happy/sad time for Hal and I and both of them. We had such a fun last night with him and Hal's family that came into town. And were so blessed to be able to go down and say goodbye before he had to go.
Don't ask me why Hal was wearing shorts that day...Maybe it is something like how he lost his wedding ring again, and one day I came home to him wearing shorts in the middle of winter, and then a few days later he was wearing those same shorts, and found his wedding ring in the pocket. How could he have worn them and not noticed it a few days earlier? How?! Oh well, he's silly, and that's why I married him.

So with recovery time for my brother, both of our little brothers will get home from serving their missions around the same time. Even though it made for a lot of goodbyes, it will make for a very joyous homecoming time!

Oh, and please send your prayers my little brother's way, and hopefully his surgery will go great, and he will heal quickly.


{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

You know my thoughts are with you and your brother. Everything will be okay! :)
And I remember the time when we had to say good-bye aka see-ya-soon-again before two of our friends went onto their missions. Both far far away. South Africa and the Philippines. And believe it or not, time sure flew by like nothing. In no time they were back. Amazing. You'll see.

Again, thoughts and prayers are sent your way. Everything will be fine!!!! :)


The Secret Life of Bee said...

hey, thanks for commenting on my blog! i got those heels for christmas from my husbie. but lucky for you, i picked them out myself and told him to wrap them so i know where they came from. haha. i got them at payless. i dont know if they will still have them though, cause i bought them mid december. but you could always look on ebay or something. also, cute blog. you and your husbie are adorable.

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