Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Cards

I'm just going to do this post rather straight forward...Like not try and pretend that I'm not doing this to get something awesome free out of it. I wouldn't do it though if I didn't think it was worth it, or I didn't think it was a cool offer.

Do you remember a few posts ago where I gave some ideas for doing things for Christmas. Remember how I mentioned a company called Shutterfly? They have some really cool products and I've used them for two Christmases now for presents. I've ordered both a book and a calendar from them. The book turned out really good, the quality was pretty impressive, but I'm still waiting on the calendar, and hope that it will turn out with the same quality.

Well Shutterfly is offering something pretty cool this year. To anyone who has a blog you can send in your blog address and once they review your blog they will send you an e-mail with instructions on what to do to get 50 free holiday cards. So here is this post, following the instructions on what to do. This is actually a pretty cool promotion.  They actually have quite a selection to choose from when it comes to holiday cards. You can get a stationary kind, and a photo card kind. Both have so many different layouts and designs to choose from. I haven't done their cards yet, but with the books and calendars you did so much of the designing yourself, which I thought was pretty cool.

If you want to participate in this promotion too, feel free, and spread the word about Shutterfly and their awesome products, but you better do it soon if you want to send them out this year!

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