Monday, November 29, 2010


This past week has been a crazy one weather wise. Last week we had a blizzard warning. They made it seem like the most intense storm Utah has ever seen was about to hit town. It made me worried because they weren't letting me leave early. The town was almost shut down by 3. Everything closed early because it was supposed to hit around 4. Well, around 4:30 it went from being sunny to no sun out the west view to by 5, dark ominous clouds rolling in. Man, it looked intense. It started snowing just before I left for work. It was pretty intense driving home, as I was heading right into the heart of it. It was kind of scary, I was going like 35 on the freeway the whole way home. Luckily, I made it home without incident to pick up Hal and head to his parents for our neice's birthday party.

Oh man, it was the wrong time to be heading anywhere. We slid pretty bad twice on the way there, luckily both times we were fine and didn't hit anything other than a curb. We made it to our destination and stopped. All of the snow stopped, and we only got a few inches. What happened to this blizzard they were forcasting? Meh, it was pretty much a normal Utah snow storm. Here is a picture of the backyard when I got home to pick up Hal. It's hard to see anything through the snow.

It seemed like it might be a blizzard at this point, but then the storm petered out and it wasn't much of anything. here's a picture of the backyard when we got home that night.
Not too much snow going on there. But I guess to someone who doesn't live around snow this probably looks like there is a lot of snow. Eh, maybe 3-4 inches. People are calling it the snowpocalypse. The storm that wasn't.

Well, yesterday was the storm that was. It didn't seem like much, but it snowed all day, all day. Just lightly snowed for hours and hours, non-stop, until the roads and everything was covered. We got over a foot of snow in one day. Man, I bet Hal is just itching to go snowboarding again. He went on Friday, before the big storm hit. If we got a foot on the benches of the mountains, I can't imagine how much snow the mountains got. I woke up to this, this morning, and told Hal I was taking his car, since we had cleared it off to drive it on Sunday. This is my car, it had even been cleared off once on Sunday, but the snow just kept coming.

Yeah, things have been pretty buried today. Usually Salt Lake City doesn't get too much snow, but man today it's been hard to get around because there is snow pushed up against everything.Yesterday was the storm that was, and well Thanksgiving ended, and Christmas wanted to let us know it's on it's way. We had a fantastic Thanksgiving, I loved having all of the family come into town to visit!


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Wow!!!! I'm completely jealous of the snow you've been getting. It's been really cold here but no snow yet!

Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!

Sam said...

You've had tons of snow! Our news stations always forecast the wrong thing too But I'm always happy when it's less than what they say! We usually don't get snow until January, so it's nice to see photos of it elsewhere! I think I enjoy it more that way :)

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