Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm Ready For Fall/ Halloween

Are you guys ready for fall? I know fall has already hit some places, and for those places I'm just a little bit jealous. We haven't really had fall hit here yet. It's been pretty much right around 70 for quite a while. Now don't get me wrong, this is such nice weather, but it would be nice to kind of have some sort of fall weather since Halloween is coming up soon. At least the leaves are finally starting to change over here. Maybe I'll try and take some pictures of it like I did while I was in Park City. but until then here are some inspirational fall pictures just in case you haven't had much of fall going on in your area.

Does anyone else really want those awesome tights from that last picture? Does anyone else want to go to their local pumpkin patch and actually pick a pumpkin. There is a patch not too far from me that we might go to. I love carving pumpkins. Have any of you carved pumpkins yet? You should post pictures if you have! Has fall hit anywhere? Someone give me some hope that the leaves are coming down! Maybe that will help me get in the Halloween spirit. I was thinking about doing an Arrested Development party, but I've kind of been lazy and haven't done pretty much anything other than just think about it. Sigh...I might still go as Lucille, what do you think?

Ok, side note, is it not hard to take a picture of yourself while winking? My sister and I had this discussion the other day. It's so hard. The picture I tried to take and sent to her is pretty horrific. Maybe that's prime for playing Lucille, eh?
5 points to who can name the best Lucille winking scene in all of Arrested Development.
Times up!
It's from Episode 17 from season 2. I tried to find a video of it, but apparently youtube people don't like it as much as I do.
Narrator: Lucille was suffering from a hangover-related headache and sought her medication. That's when she mistook the red eye alcohol warning for a winking-eye alcohol suggestion. But she had the good sense not to drive herself to the meeting.
Lucille: I'll call for a car.
Narrator: [shows the car on fire] Unfortunately, this was after a failed attempt to do so. 

A Nice pant suit, a short wig, some big jewlery, a martini glass and I'm set!

Hal says no one will know who I am, what do you think?


emilia. said...

i love fall! i love carving pumpkins too! :) yay!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I bet you'd love a place called The Pumpkin House. It's in Ceredo Kenova and they literally carve and have over 3000 pumpkins a year!

Scott & Traci said...

Do it :) We Love the IDea!

{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

I wish we had fall...we have temps in the 30s, so it's rather winter now than fall. :( can you hear me crying?! Terribly? Yes. That would be definitely me. :(

Happy October girl. :)

Kell said...

Arrested Development is AWESOME! I love that show! I wish they'd make a movie.
Oh, and I love fall. We have been getting on and off cold-ish weather and I just love it. It feels great to wear a jacket again :)

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