Friday, October 22, 2010

Curly or straight

I wanted to plan a fancy dinner. So I did. I was bummed when most couples canceled, but we ended up going on a double date. I got a good recommendation for a restaurant called the Bombay House. I wanted a good opportunity to wear my awesome dress from anthropologie again before it got too cold to wear it. I also wanted an excuse to do something fancy with my hair. I decided to straighten it. My hair hasn't been straightened since before we got married. I knew it had been this long because I had accidentally left my straightener at my parent's house, and thus obviously hadn't used it. So I made Hal play photographer and take pictures to make the oh so momentous occasion.

If you ever are in Salt Lake you should definitely eat at the Bombay House. Best indian food I've ever had. Man, it was so good, and the guys who work there had the sweetest beards I've ever seen. Lets see we got theLamb Coconut Kurma, the Bollywood Chicken, and the Chicken Makhani. I would recommend them all. It was great that we just ordered three dishes, some naan and some mango lassi's and all shared, and there was plenty of left overs too! Seriously, if you live in Utah, or are going to visit at some point, you should definitely stop by the Bombay House. Sooo good!

So what do you think? Curly or straight? Which do you like better?


Allison said...

I think you are GORGEOUS in both, and because that's not really a helpful answer, I'll choose CURLY! Just because I have a thing for curls. :)

Scott & Traci said...

Sam! I totally agree with the above comment. You look So Beautiful either way, seriously just naturally beautiful! We'll have to try that restaurant sometime :)

(Oh! And Yay for new dresses! :)

Big Mama said...

That is a very cute dress! I love Bombay House - but I haven't been since high school :(
I love your hair straight, but you rock the natural curls, lucky girl!
Hey, we totally want to do a birthday party while we're up there - wanna help me make her cake?

{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

You look great both ways Sam. :) Curly looks more fun, and more adult-like, straight more girlie...then again, this is what I like most...being able to change once in a while :) So keep the straightener at your place now. ;) And I'm amazed you are still able to wear a skirt or anything non-winter like. It's freeeeeezzzzzzzing here, with temps in the 30s, and it's just ugly and super gray. So not what fall's all about. :(
And yes, if I make it over there I will definitely try this restaurant. Just reading what you ate made me hungry.

Happy weekend.

JMO said...

I think your hair looks great!

Kell said...

Your hair looks so nice! And you're SO dang pretty!

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