Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shots is the name of the game

Alright, I know no one likes to get shots. No one likes to have a needle stuck in them and a weak version of a disease injected into them for pleasure. Well, someone might, and if you do then...there might be a cause for concern.

On Friday I had to get a polio booster. I was fine for a few hours, and then my arm felt like somebody slugged me real hard. Yesterday I had to go back into get a tetanus shot because they were out on Friday. Man, I am glad I didn't get them both at the same time, because now it feels like somebody punched me really hard in the other arm. This time it's my dominant arm so it's much more noticeable. BOO.

Most people know tetanus shots hurt, right, but polio? I wasn't expecting that. I'd say on the scale of shots that hurt polio are the same as tetanus. When you're a kid they don't give it to you in a shot form anymore, they do drops. So why do they give shots to adults for the booster?

I created a scale for you, so you can see the level of hurtness in a shot.

There, now you can understand how much my arm currently hurts, and you can look forward to getting any of these shots in the future. At least there won't be any pretense of oh, it doesn't hurt that bad, because I'm telling you, it does. It does hurt that bad. It hurts when you sleep on that shoulder and when you have to use your arms a lot to do simple every day stuff like drive your car. Dear shots I have one word for you: LAME!


Sam said...

I hate shots! I love your graph :) Tetanus shots suck, but I don't think I've ever had a Polio shot.

Zabrinah said...

Great post. I've never had a polio booster either. But, I definitely understand how a shot hurts as you go throughout your day.

I really love the graph!


Allison said...

OH NO! I absolutely HATE shots. With a passion- especially ones that hurt! what a bummer. And that picture totally freaks me out... hope your arm feels better soon!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

It never bothers me to actually get the shot but I always hate when it starts to ache a few hours later! ugh, that's the worst part! Hope your arm feels better soon!

{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

As much as I hate shots it doesn't bother me at all to get them. Not sure why. I keep telling myself it's for the better, it's what's needed and good for me. So as much as dread those needles and the pain afterwards it's all worth it. And imagine you get those shots at the same day, at the same time in a combo solution. :) Yes, my dear...it hurt. A. Lot. :( Hope the pain's gone by now girl. :)


Kell said...

Ouch :( I hate shots! I basically come close to tears every time I have to get one!

Big Mama said...

I love the new top picture on your blog! It looks awesome! How did you do it?! (I may have to steal it for my blog LOL)

Scott & Traci said...

Ahhh! I am so sorry! Enoch gets shots tomorrow, I dread those days...!

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