Friday, August 6, 2010

The Wedding

I decided to brake my Oregon posts up into at least two posts, one for the wedding, and one for the beach. So first is the wedding. We flew into Oregon for my sister's wedding. She was my last non-married sister, even though she had been with her hubby for longer than me and another of my sisters, and both of us have been married for a while.  The wedding was at this amazing place, so I'm of sad that I didn't get more pictures, but I was in the wedding, so it was hard to get pictures of anything.

Some pictures are from my phone and some are from my camera, so sorry if some of them have crappy quality. Hopefully you can see how fantastic everything was. She planned things out so beautifully, and it worked so well with the foresty background.

Isn't is so pretty? This last picture was of where they got married. You can't really see it, but behind the pretty wood thing (seriously, I have no idea what to call that) it opens up to an area for chairs and there's a little altar thing with the most amazing view where they got married. It was very very hot, but beautiful.


I was lucky enough to get a picture with all of my sisters. Can you guess which one of these is my sister? It's the second to last picture. That's my friend meagan I flew out with. There is one picture with one of my sister's missing, I'm saving it for something as part of my continuing story.

They had the yummiest dinner, but it was so hot out in the sun that people were taking their plates and eating in the shade. I ate at the bridal party table, and the heat must have been getting to me, because I started being exteremely clumsy, even more than normal. I kept spilling things all over myself during dinner and pretty much for the rest of the night. I was lucky my the fabric of my dress didn't absorb it and I could just wipe it off. But seirously though, I spilled like 4-5 things on my dress in a matter of like 2 hours.

After dinner, toasts, and desert in the form of a cupcake tier with damask white chocolate on top that were stinking amazing we had dancing! My sister and her hubby took dancing lessons. They did so well. Their song was "hold on" by Micheal Buble. I had never heard it before, my brother told me it was on his CD that was only released in Canada, but check it out on you tube or something, it's really pretty. Apparently the time count made the dance a rumba....I think that's what they said. They did fantastic though. Then she had her daddy daughter dance, once again a song I had never heard, but it was so perfect. After that we danced the night away! I don't have any pictures of it because I was too busy dancing. Apparently I dance like a farmer though, or so my sister says.


Kell said...

Beautiful bride, and those bridesmaid dresses are just gorgeous!

Selma said...

Absolutely love it. Beautiful bride, great location!!! :) Love your dress and hair, girl. :) And believe it or not, sometimes I have those clumsy moments, too...everything just won't sit still and wants to be spilled all over. Especially when there's a computer around... grrrr...

Crazy Shenanigans said...

It looks like it was such a great wedding! I love outdoor weddings!

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