Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Good News


Do you remember this post that I made? Well, this weekend I got some good news. I don't know how I'm so behind on this. Now it's not the greatest news, that would be if the Hush Sound got back together, but it's still pretty good news.

Remember these guys?

Yeah, that's right, they're currently back together, AND they're coming to town next weekend. I'm a little bit excited.

They broke up when I was in high school and didn't really know who they were. I got into their music while they were broken up and me and my then boyfriend went on a quest, to meet them. We met Josh Partington when he came to a bar that is no longer around with his band Firescape. We even got pictures with him. I didn't ever meet Brian Ireland, his band came to town on a Sunday so I didn't go, but I did get a phone call from him. Isn't that awesome? Some people that went had him call me. We also met William Tell who used to be in Something Corporate when he came to Kilby Court a few years ago. I have a drum stick from his drummer and a signed set list somewhere. I don't think we ever met Kevin Page or Andrew McMahon. We did follow Andrew through his bout with cancer and I saw Jack's Mannequin a few times. Once I saw them and I was front row of general admission seating, and I had bruised hips from being pushed up against the barrier all night. My favorite time I saw them is when they came to my college and performed. It was awesome. I went with my friend Monica and we had to hold on to each other to even stay close to each other. We got pushed around alot and ended up getting pushed and pulled right into an old friend from High School, it was awesome. Outdoor concerts are fun.

So that's my escapades with Something Corporate who I've never actually seen live....that is until next weekend!


mikey and kimby said...

Lucky. I can't even think of anything else to say to this post.


ChloƩ said...

they are AMAZING live. best concert hands down that i have been too and i have been to many concerts. he got on the piano and danced around and played it backwards and it was the coolest thing i have ever seen... i went to them when they changed to Jacks Manequin and it was just as good.. soo awesome. i am so jealous that you are going!!

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