Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Who do they think they are?

I may have literally ran right into a pole today. Alright, I full on ran into it, like hardcore. After putting staff lunch into my car, I turned to walk around the other side of my car and I didn't expect a big pole with a sign that says freight parking to be that close. I may already have a bruise forming on my knee. And I may have said that just for sympathy. But seriously, I run into poles right next to me and my husband keeps trying to convince me to go snowboarding...What, is he trying to kill me off or something?

My blog may be a little neglected this week. Life all the sudden went and and become do I put this...mega crazy. Seriously, I haven't been this crazy busy in a long time. I almost didn't have enough time to blog this, but I made time, because I love you guys. Haha, really, I was just sitting for the receptionist, and had time. Or, really it's both.

I had a pretty interesting phone call last night. I had a mini phone interview for a job I applied for on Saturday. She called me at like 8:30 p.m. though. Weird. She said they would contact me by e-mail to set up an interview if I made the second cut. They e-mailed me this morning. I thought, man they aren't wasting time with this. Oh...wait a second. The interviews are tomorrow.

There are only 4 different time slots. wth? Who do they think they are? Do they just think that I'll drop everything to have an interview with them? Well, if they think that they may be right...because I scheduled an interview. Good thing another person will be here at work tomorrow so it isn't a big deal if I leave for 45 minutes. But really...who do they think they are? Someone who wants to pay me more and offer me benefits? Lets hope so, because they were pretty forward with this whole interview stuff.

I've had a post planned for a while, but seriously, this week is so crazy that I haven't been on computer in so long to upload the pictures to do the post. It may happen tonight while I am babysitting my nephews. Lets hope. But don't hope too hard because well, you got this post today and there is a chance it may not happen.

Hopefully blogging will resume next week. It's our 1 1/2 anniversary next Saturday. I think that's pretty exciting....and since I never posted about our anniversary except for this, I figured I could do it just 6 months late. Maybe really, it's almost Chloe's anniversary, and she got married almost exactly 6 months after me, and her husband will be gone for their anniversary, so she posted early about her one year, so it made me want to post about my one year. Sorry if that steals your thunder. Maybe it could add to the thunder of it? Actually, Mara just posted about her anniversary too...hmm, maybe there is a trend going on right now. Either way, Hal and I like to celebrate things, and since we need an excuse beat the statistics and passed a year, why not celebrate again?!


ChloƩ said...

oh man i am so sorry you hit a pole! i am glad you aren't seriously injured! and you are totally fine blogging about your year and a half anniversary! that is sweet!! hope you get that job if it gives you benefits! keep us posted!!

The Boob Nazi said...

Good luck with the interview!!!

Selma said...

Hope next week won't be as crazy girl and things calm down over there. So sorry you hit a pole!!!! Glad you're fine though. :D
And yes, maybe March is the anniversary month...who knows. And yes, go ahead and blog about it. Happy almost year and a half anniversary!!! ;)


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Good luck on the interview! Hope things slow down for you and get a little less crazy!

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

when you said...hit a pole i thought of a runing into a rake or slipping on a sad :(
good luck with the job

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

when you said...hit a pole i thought of a runing into a rake or slipping on a sad :(
good luck with the job

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