Friday, March 5, 2010

Giveaway winner announced

Alright, it is finally midnight and now that Burn Notice is over it's time to announce the winner of our PiccadillyPear giveaway!

I'm not super good at the whole technology thing to embed the image from, so I'll just go ahead and tell you.

Lucky #8 is the winner of the custom headband from our shop where they pick a flower and pick a headband style, thus designing their own headband!

By my calculations Lucky #8 is Selma over at Crazy Little World of Mine. I love Selma's blog, so I am so excited that she won!

Selma, please e-mail me and let me know what you would like from our shop.

And for those of you who didn't win, feel free to buy ;) haha, that may have been quite advantageous of me. Anywho, we have some other products planned for the shop, so check back every once in a while.

Thanks guys for participating in the giveaway, and letting me promote my new little adventure.


Selma said...

awwwww!!!! you are sooooo sweet! :) and i am soooooo stoked! :) xoxo

ChloƩ said...

yay!! selma totally deserves this!! i am soo happy for her! she is one of the sweetest girls ever! and will be so stylin with her new,beautiful headband!

Alissa said...

Congrats to the winner!

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