Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wisdom Teeth can die

After reading the title of this post maybe you can understand a little about how much I think wisdom teeth suck.

I did an investigational study to get my wisdom teeth out because, why pay for it when someone wants to pay you for it, right? I wasn't too scared about the investigational part seeing as it was for a drug with the active ingredient being Tylenol (well, not Tylenol, I just didn't know how to spell acetaminophen, but look, spell check did.)

Instead, I was worried about the death part. Not really, but I was afraid it was going to hurt, and so I would end up dead. Well, it's been a few days and I am back at work and wahoo, I'm not dead. That's a relief.

I had to stay at the research place for 12 hours after surgery. All four teeth were out in like 15 minutes. I'll spare you the details about the surgery, because it hurt, and that was the worst part. But man, 12 hours after 15 minutes of surgery... Man, it was bo-ring. I couldn't have my phone with me so I just watched Persuasion, Cranford, and North & South to entertain me. Thanks to my sister for letting me borrow them. Nice to know now I could have totally snuck my phone in. P.S. if you want the drugs, say you're a 7 right away. Otherwise you'll become un-numb at the same time as 3 other people and end up being the last one to get it. I was starving, because I couldn't have food until 3 p.m....but by the time 3 rolled around I was kind of out of it and not very hungry anymore, funny how that works out.

They finally let me go around 5, I had my vitals checked and I packed up, but she said my ride wasn't here yet. I was bumbed and maybe wanted to beat someone Hal up, because I was ready to get the heck out of there. I went potty while I waited and I went back into my room to wait. When I opened the door I seriously almost thought I was in the wrong room because someone was in there. It was Hal. He brought me flowers. :) They were pretty. His mom hid in a doorway so I wouldn't see her when I came out of the bathroom.

The people that worked there were so funny. I kept hearing my CNA randomly break out into song in the halls. Sometimes he would randomly sing while he was helping change my gauze. They were apparently stoked when Hal asked if he could go in my room and surprise me that like 5 guys walked him the 10 feet from the nurses station to my room.

Since they pushed my day up Hal's mom was still in town to help take care of me. It was hard to talk until I put some ice on my face. Then I felt loads better. She spent all day making me homemade white, and cinnamon bread, and homemade chicken noodle soup. Some of my favorite things. I couldn't eat them. Because I couldn't chew. Sad.

I've been healing pretty well; besides a little bit of nausea and dizziness that made me go off all meds (except for homeopathics) My mouth is sore and feels kind of bruised, and I still can't open my mouth very wide, but I'm sure it will pass soon. My hand eye coordination which wasn't good to start with hasn't quite returned either, so lets hope is comes back soon, too.

It's so nice to see that people really care about you and make an effort to bring you things and keep you company. My friends came to visit on Saturday after Hal's parents were over on Friday. It hurt so hard to laugh and move my mouth like that, but it was so hard not too. I had fun. It makes me feel very blessed.

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mikey and kimby said...

I'm glad your wisdom teeth are out cause you never have to deal with them again! And I'm glad everything went well.

Alissa said...

I've been putting my off forever! I don't want to do it. You're much braver than me that's for sure. Glad you're okay.

The Boob Nazi said...

Yeah, I won't be doing that.

chicago invisalign said...

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eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

when i got mine out...i couldnt handle the vicoden so they gave me a lil pill to knock me out after i took it. result: i took pills like an addict and read prozac nation like five times. it was an amazing summer. i should blog about it.
glad your healing :)

Selma said...

Oh gosh I'm so happy you're doing fine and all. Yes, sore mouth sucks but you're around again. :) ANd I have to admit it... I still have all four of my wisdom teeth...all grown out and stuff. Apparently it's all good, and they don't bother and all. Plus, yeah, I've got a big mouth. ;) lol But still...glad it's over for you and so glad you're healing girl. :D


Elizabeth said...

You poor thing! I haven't had mine out yet, and I dread the day when the dentist says something to me about it.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

That's great that you're dong so well!

my name is lauren. said...


wisdom teeth suck. sickest i've ever been in my life was after i got mine out....but that's pretty sweet that you got them out for free. paying for dental work sucks. one of my least favorite things about being a "grown up".

hope your teeth are all recooperated now!

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