Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's not my fault

Here is a little preview of our anniversary. Fall has definitely hit Park City. We had such a great time up there. The Stein Erikson Lodge was once again amazingly amazing...more on that in a future post.
Here is the problem kind of looks like two caterpillars crawled up on my face and built their cocoons above my eyes. Ok, maybe it's not quite that bad, but I need to pluck my eyebrows real bad. I'm kind of lazy in general, but this is probably my most hated grooming habit. At least this time it isn't my fault. Yeah, that's's Hal's fault that my eyebrows look like I could be Sasquatch's kid. Now I know you may be asking why this could possibly be Hal's fault since he is practically perfect. Well, let me tell you. For some inexplicable reason Hal is obsessive about plucking his unibrow (I know, sexy, right?). But the messed up thing is that because he likes to pluck said unibrow he always takes my tweezers out of my makeup bag and for some also inexplicable reason he is incapable of putting them back into the makeup bag. Is it really that hard? Apparently not because I find myself doing it like twice a week afer he has used them. We all know by now that I'm not plucking that often.
Stein Erikson had one of those awesome magnified mirrors that even lights up in our room. I know, awesome. I was stoked. So I look into it and think 'Man, I need to pluck my eyebrows.' Now the funny thing is once Hal discovered this mirror he turned the light on and looked into it he said 'Hun, I think I know where Stephanie Meyer got the idea for the eyes in The Host'. (The light from the mirror gives you a ring around your pupil) (I know, sexy, right...sorry he is taken ladies). I was so stoked to use this awesome mirror. By now you must be able to see my forshadowing...when I opened my makeup bag low and behold my tweezers were not inside! Blast ye Hal! So pretty much I have decided I don't feel like plucking my eyebrows since my plans were thwarted. Just kidding, that is kind of gross...I'm sure I'll get around to it eventually.


Mama Rachel said...


As one who battles her bushy eyebrows on a monthly basis, may I humbly suggest the "Hair Off" brand "eyebrow shapers" sold at the Wal-Mart's?

Self-waxing of the big brows-- It's a good thing! ;-D

Cristyannie said...

I am the worst at tweezing my brows, fortunately my sister and cousin are estiticians and do waxing but sometimes I let it go pretty far before I get to it. It's hard (well not really hard but you know) Those pictures were beautiful!

20 Something said...

I have a $9 a month Budget for Waxing, and that takes care of me :) As for Park City, Thats like my Second Home. I am so Jealous of you!! Its beautiful up there this time of year. I gotta get up there!!

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