Thursday, September 24, 2009

Free Thinkers

After reading that amazing blog I posted about below and laughing my butt off(what if I really laughed my butt off, that would be awkward. More on that later, maybe, if I remember) I decided to ramble a whole lot more on this blog. I am in my head, lots. Maybe it would be good for me to let it out more, or maybe I am REEL bored at work and I ramble in my head, so why not ramble here?

Yes, I did just answer the phone with food in my mouth. That's what happens when the receptionist goes to lunch and I am sitting here grumbling to my rumbling tummy about how I'm hungry when a secretary offers me a free lunch. Score!
Well, guess what song is stuck in my head? "Yackety Yack, Don't Talk Back." That may be because I listened to it a lot when I was little, or because I feel like I'm gonna yack. That vegetarian sandwich got a little too brussel sprouty for me real quick. And now my tummy what do I do? I go back to eating the chips that I was eating before the sandwich, because that's going to help lots....yup.

Ok, how weird is this...imagine someone you are talking to laughing really hard and then all the sudden their butt falls off onto the floor. Pretty sure there is a commercial that is kind of like that. If I remember, it was funny. I think it was more along the lines of people losing weight so their love handles or relief society arms fall off.
There are definitely some people and things that make me laugh my butt lets make a list
-Hal, he is seriously one of the funniest, randomly funny people ever
-The on tonight, woo!
-Heather, we have done some crazio things together
-I guess this should include my besties
-My random texts and phone calls from Dane (Who can help laughing when your brother-in-law calls you and asks if he can taser your husband if he makes a taser out of a digital camera and a battery)
-putting too small of shirts on our cat
-Michelle's kids (p.s. I have an awesome video to post of Kaleb eating a doughnut)
-My sisteritos
-Isa when she 'liz-es"
-When I remember something funny and laugh to myself, and then I realize I am laughing out loud to myself...
I'm sure there's lots of other things that make me laugh my butt off. What makes you laugh your butt off? Pretty sure this must be why I have a little bum. Maybe one day I'll have a teacher bum, you know where they sit a lot...and it's super flat like a pancake. You know? Either way, I still think it would be weird if that actually happened. It kind of makes me laugh to think about though.

The End. Sorry if my mind scares you.
P.S. I am afraid to call the lady at Challenger to follow up on my last interview. maybe I'll make Hal call and pretend to be me do you think it would work?


You're much more than beautiful said...

i'm not gonna lie, i had to read that post twice to understand all of it. Anyway, i think that hal could call for you and pull it off. As long as he is in that caterpillar costume you found.

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

Your blog cracks me up, loved the yackity yack part....oh and cant forget them brussle sprouts:)

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