Friday, October 2, 2009

Cheering up.

Being sick is the worst. Yuck, I woke up sick on Monday morning and today is the first day that I have been feeling so much better. I was blessed to be feeling better on Tuesday so I could go play with my nephews while my sister took my niece to the Miley Cirus concert. Brayden even went to bed pretty easily, amazing, right?

I thought I would share some funny things to make you guys laugh and make myself laugh and feel better since I have been sick and glued to the couch and my bed for the week.

I'll start off with a funny story of Brayden. I was reading the scriptures with him on my lap while Kaleb kept making a break for downstairs. So Brayden followed my finger along in the scriptures and was saying every word after me. We were reading in second Nephi and I said the word H-E-Double Hockey Sticks and he says Hal! Hey! he's at your house, Hal. He was pretty stoked that he thought the scriptures mentioned Hal. Brayden digs Hal. While we were dating he was pretty obsessed with him and would call my phone to say goodnight to him and not want to say goodnight to me. He could totally say Hal's name before he could say mine, he called me Fish...more like buish in brayden talk.

Here are some pictures to make you laugh in-between my stories from this week.
Hal is really good at doing my hair....

How awesome is this?

Dane taught me how to suck jellow out of a jello cup, but my mouth wasn't big enough

Kaleb and his doughnut, I will have to post the video soon that goes along with this picture.

This story is kind of funny, and kind of an example of how boys don't think. Hal came home yesterday and I had started to feel better so I had taken a shower and picked up the house a bit. He comes in and says, oh you look so nice and tells me I look good and is being sweet. He joins me on the couch to eat dinner since it hurts my tummy to stand up for long and this is where it gets good. He looks at me and says "I forgot how nice you can look" what the heck? Does that mean I haven't looked nice for the past couple days? Oh thanks, you're so sweet... So what if I don't shower for a day or two because I am dying. Hal told me I was focusing on the negative and he was giving me a compliment. Apparently he has a weird definition of compliments.

Here is one last story for you. Dane came over and we were watching I Didn't Know I was Pregnant while Hal did some homework. They have some awesome reenactments on that show. We got to watch an reenactment of a lady having a baby in a toilet because she thought she was really constipated. Yeah...After watching that I stood up and started walking to the bathroom when this conversation starts

H: Wow, how does it feel?
(This is where I kicked him in the face. Not really, that would be really rude, so I just glared at him from across the room)
S: Excuse me?
H: I just mean, how does it feel to finally get up off the couch?
As I stare at him in disbelief
S: I feel like I'm going to yack actually
H: Then why did you get up?
S: Because I have to go potty, ok?
Dane: Hal, leave her alone she has to go have a baby in the bathroom.
It's kind of funny, it seems that Hal sticks his foot in his mouth a lot when Dane is around. He did redeem himself because I heard Dane ask him if I did have a toilet baby would he be ready to be a dad and he said yes. That made me glad. Then Dane said he's not...I should hope not, he's 17.

I have another awsome story about a phone call from my sister the other day, but in the spirit of my mother and to not embarass her I won't share it. I can just hear my mom say "Don't be crass, save it 'till you're married" Well, I'm married, but I'll save it and not share it on my blog, I'll just share it with my family, cause we're awesome like that.

P.S. I just showed his blog post to Hal and he choked on his pizza laughing at his own stories..nice.


20 Something said...

Guys never think before they Speak. . . The other day Rick told me I could be Hagrid from Harry potter. . . Because I am so tall. . . Really.

Good post it made me laugh, Hope your feeling better.

Anonymous said...

that sucks that you were sick! the stories made me laugh though :) hope you are feeling better!

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