Friday, October 9, 2009

Hope you enjoy this

I think I might cry if i have mono again. Monica, I curse thee. While Hal and I were dating I got mono from Monica and obviously I gave it to Hal which super sucked. I was sick all last week and my immune system was so low I got a cold sore also...I have been so lethargic today. I slept for about ten hours last night, was up for less than two hours when I was too tired to stay awake and had to take a nap. Maybe it's just an off day, lets hope for that.

Boys can be so stupid. I swear sometimes husbands just don't think and say things as if you were their little brother or something. For Real. No you cannot tell me I look 'bigger' when i am lying in bed wearing baggy pajamas. Again, what the heck?
I think I made a mistake in showing Hal my last post. A while after he read it we were heading over to his parents because his Grandpa was in town. We were in his work truck and the seatbelt is kind of weird. I was trying to click it into this little thing that connects the arm part of the seat belt to the lap belt and I had tried it one way so I was trying it the other way. Hal kept telling me to try it the way I had already tried and said something about how he knows, it's his truck right as I got it to click in. So of course I had to say Ha! See, I had already tried the other way!Then he mummbled something under his breath about well, if you hadn't taken so long. Of course I heard him and told him that he was mean. So he said oh well, you're just going to post this on your blog so you can't get mad at me. In fact, I bet this very conversation will appear on your blog. We had a good laugh about that and since we were talking about it again last night I figured I would share it with you all....and get him back by posting this awesome picture of Hal in the DR.

Isn't this picture amazing? I love it. My sister sent me an e-mail asking me for it and it reminded me of it, so I thought I would share it for your enjoyment. Although, I think we have one similar of me on our underwater camera that we still haven't finished taking pictures on.
If you know me, you know I am not a morning person. I am a night owl. Hal is the opposite of this. Earlier this week he decided he wanted to help me like mornings, so he got up to his alarm and made breakfast and made me some hot chocoalte.
Now he always wakes me up to kiss me goodbye when he leaves because 99.9% of the time he leaves before I even get up for work. When we first got married he used to wake me up like 5 times before he left to tell me something or kiss me, it was cute and annoying at the same time. I love that he does that, but I really hate when someone wakes me up right before I'm supposed to get up. I also really hate when someone opens the blinds to let all of the light in and I hate maybe most of all when someone throws the covers off of me. So Hal comes in with his breakfast and what does he do? All three of the things I hate in the morning. I was so grumpy by the time I left for work, but I couldn't be mad at him because he was trying to be sweet and make me some hot chocolate which he knows I love.
I tried really hard to not be grumpy all day even though work was crazy and I ended up working late. I just kept thinking about how I really needed to do the dishes and didn't want to do them. Wallah! I came in the door(when you walk in our door it is super dark because it's our laundry room and there isn't any windows on that side of our apartment) So from the window in the living room I could barely make out that there was a bunch of stuff on the table. Guess what! Hal not only did the dishes, but he also deep cleaned almost the entire house. Do I have the greatest husband or what?! Hal is amazing at deep cleaning, he is actually a lot better than me at cleaning and when he wasn't in school he used to deep clean our apartment a lot, but this semester has been killer for him so far and since I graduated I am home a lot more so I have taken over most of the household chores. What a great surprise to come home to a completely spick and span house.
I love my hubby, even if he does say stupid things sometimes. At least they are usually funny stupid things.


mikey and kimby said...

I have mono too. Mike and I are both quite sure that we have it again starting last week. It stinks and I'm sorry you have it.

Anonymous said...

Haha I love the picture. I am so sorry you are sick! I hope you get feeling better soon!

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