Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Birthday

This is my not-so-little little brother and he turned 18 on Saturday. It was opening night of West Side Story at Bountiful and he was playing Diesel, a Jet, so we all went to see him for his birthday. Well, we would all go see him anyway..but this one got extra special effort. He did great! It was definitely his biggest part he had in one of their musicals. They let you send candy to the cast members for a $1 so my dad handed me a dollar when I walked in and told me to send him something.

They had all of the cast members go outside into the lobby so we went to give him a hug and then Angela got the inspiration to have us start singing Happy Birthday to him, so we did. Everyone around us started joining in, and he ran away from us, but we kept singing anyway, 'cause we're awesome like that.

It's hard to believe that all 8 of us are now adults. That can't be possible....I'm still like 12 which makes Josh 8. That sounds about right. Although it would be weird for an 8 year old to be a foot taller than his 12 year old sister.

He got an I-pod for his birthday and so I told him I was going to steal it when he leaves in a year for his mission. That's what he gets for being the youngest and being even more spoiled than me.

P.S. I am super excited for Black Friday. Last year we were in Montana visiting Mike and Jessi and all they have in Butte is a Wal-Mart so that was the store I got and my siblings here in Utah went to other stores. I took Dane and Hal with me and it was their first experience with Black Friday...Needless to say they weren't ready for the mayhem. They kept talking about next year was going to be awesome and they were going to push those mean housewives out of the way....I don't think they would go that far, well, I hope not, but either way I am stoked for it again. :) But first I need to finish planning Hal's Birthday. If you would like to come along and I haven't already talked to you about it, send me and e-mail.

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