Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I thought I had eaten all of the candy corn in my little package and I was sad, I almost cried, well not really, but I was so happy I almost cried when I realized there was one more in the package. Well, not really, but I was so happy that I promptly ate it. There's nothing better than some free candy corn. Wait, yes there is, I get free lunch today and that is even better, even though I do love candy corn.

I had to post this because my husband is a big fat dork, and that's why I love him lots. I'm pretty sure it didn't even make sense, but it was funny nonetheless. Last night I was lying in bed reading and Hal was reading while eating a baked potato. (Who eats baked potatoes at like 10:30 at night? Well, I probably would, but it wasn't me so I can say...who does that?) Anyway...He finished his potato and I wanted him to take the emergency I had brought home to him since he wasn't feeling good and then he needed to brush his teeth.

He came back to bed and drank the emergen-c, but he wouldn't go brush his teeth. He kept saying my feet are cold. I even offered to let him put his feet under my bum to warm them when he got back to bed. For those of you who know me this is pretty nice of me because I hate feet, a lot...but you know, when you're wearing sweats to bed you can't really feel the sicko feet under your bum. So even after I made this extremely nice gesture he still wouldn't get up, so I moved the blankets away and started pushing him.

It was hard to push his shoulder since I was half lying down and too lazy to put any real effort into it, so I started pushing his head. This is seriously what he said "Stop, you're going to knock my head off". Then he proceeded to laugh at himself. Then he said this "you should put this on your blog". Man, he thinks he's real funny. I told him what he said didn't even make any sense, but he just kept laughing...Maybe the Emergen-c made him high? Either that or he's a big fat dork. Hard to tell which one is the real explanation.

Either way, that push got him out of bed and he brushed his teeth, so I win. I don't really know what I win...but I win.


Selma said...

This is cute! Baked potato at midnight always tastes better! ;)

You're much more than beautiful said...

He is a big fat dork. :)

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