Friday, October 16, 2009


Aften opening all of your eyes to Hal's dorkiness in my last post I figured I would show that I am dorky also, if not more dorky and how we love each other in our dorkiness. P.S. I am eating a baked potato as I write this, but I am not lying in bed, nor is it 10:30. I am lying on the couch and it's only 9, so ha!

So the other night I got home late because I was at my sitster's house for sister's night (I love her kids!) Anyway, I came home and Hal was working on homework and listening to music. He was listening to a new station he found on Pandora that he loves called Outsiders. It has a wide array of songs and some of them are pretty good. So when I was changing into my pjs this awesome song called People by Iglu and Hartly came on and I started dancing to it. All of the lights were off except for our Halloween lights in the living room so I figured Hal couldn't see me...Yeah, I was wrong. I heard him start laughing when he was on the phone and I turned around and he was laughing at me. So what do I do? I go up to him and start dancing right in front of him while he was talking to his best friend on the phone. Haha, I bet he-sam was wondering what was going on. The song was still on when he got off the phone so we both started crumping to it in the living room with all of the lights off.

If you don't know what crumping is I have included a video what crumping looks like so you can properly envision how dorky we truly are.

P.S. I noticed an e-mail in my inbox from Amazon about my recent purchase and I thought to myself...I have no recent I looked at the e-mail. I asked Hal if he made any purchases that day, like perhaps on Amazon for an Aglu and Heartly CD. He told me to "shhh, that's a secret for you." So, you all have to also act really surprised when I post on here that Hal bought me the CD we were randomly crumping to in our living room to the light of our orange shh, it's a secret.


Anonymous said...

haha that is a funny story. i love dancing in the kitching. or crumping! haha.

CarrieBradshaw* said...

haha crumping... love it. At Vampire Night at the club tonight I'm so crumping. yaya. Oh and you're husband is cute for buying you that CD. Oh how I'd love someone to randomly surprise me like that just because they love me.
PS I usually hate reading "married couples" blogs cuz they make me gag. But congratulations, no dry heaving here.

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