Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall's here

Cold medicine and I are not friends. We're not even associates, more like occasional aquaintances....I don't like to cold medicine, and when I do have to take it I have to take children's dosage. The last time I took a regular dosage of cold medicine I could barely open my eyes when the alarm rang and the room was spinning. I have developed a sudden rough cough so I took it the last two nights so I could get some sleep. Man oh man, even on a child's dose it is so hard to get up and it just leaves me so groggy and makes my entire body ache. Day time cold medicine is almost as bad. It makes me super hyper around the time it wears off. How weird huh? Those were the days when we pretended to die of the black lung in the hallways at school. Looking back on that, wow, we were so weird. What if I really had tuberculosis? That would suck, but on the awesome side I could say "I've got the black lung pop" over and over again.

The lovely says of sitting on a bench at Gallivan Plaza reading a book during lunch are gone, and the even more loevely days of fall are here. It's kind of funny, I almost couldn't wait for the end of summer so fall could get here. Fall and winter just make me think of Hal. We met in the winter and got married in the Fall so it has made me love this time of year even more. Haha, I'm not a super mushy person so last night Hal told me I needed to start a "gooey caramel cluster blog to talk about how much I lovey dovey your husband". That probably won't ever happen, but here you go hal, here is a paragraph for you.

I just got off the phone with Hal. He said all serious, "Sam, I just don't want you to stop believing." "Stop believing what?" Then he proceeded to sting the song 'Don't stop believin' by Journey in my ear in a falcetto. Oh wow...still love him.


Anonymous said...

haha.. "merman! cough cough, merman!" gotta love zoolander. cute post :) i like it. sorry medicine makes you so sick! i am like an elephant. i need a tranquilizer to knock me out. i hate it.

Selma said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. Medicine of any kind is not my favorite...but as long as it helps I don't mind taking it. :S

Guide to Mormon Boys said...

Oh my gosh! I totally know about the cold medicine thing. I have to take childrens tylenol and stuff like that!

ps: i love the picture on top of your blog! so cute!


Emily Cato said...

I hope you're feeling better!!! It seems a lot of people are sick right now, it's sad. :(

I was feeling a little better but mine seems to get worse at night, what the heck?

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