Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We Were Sought Out

Hal and I were sought out. Literally. Not even like stalked and someone followed us home. Someone sneaked around until they found the right place and sought us out. They apparently set their plan into motion around 6:30 on Sunday morning. They attacked.

Well, not literally attacked. I slowly woke up to a noise on Sunday morning. The more I woke up I started to realize what it actually was. Hal thought it was the landlord's baby which sometimes wakes us up, but the more I listened I realized it wasn't that. It was...a cat. Not our cat. It was another cat. Outside our window. Meowing. Well, not even really meowing, more like yowling. It sounded like a cat in heat. If you have ever heard a cat in know it's one of the worst/most annoying sounds in the entire world.

Our kitty is so sweet to people...most of the time. But she hates other cats. Hates them. Remember this post? Yeah, it's kind of lame, but not really a big deal since she isn't around other cats anymore.

So back to the story, we sat there listening to this cat and it wouldn't stop. Then I thought, wait, what if it's a big burly man outside making cat noises to lure us out there. Which of course freaked both Hal and I out. He turned on the light and Ebony was leaning up against the dresser to make herself taller and staring at one of the windows. Her tail was huge. I love it when kitties get freaked out and their tales go puffy. So since I freaked Hal out, he went outside with his pistol. Haha, I'm talking for real here people. He went outside and saw the kitty and chased it from our window. It wasn't a big burly man, thank goodness. We went back to sleep in peace.

Yesterday Hal got home from school early, even before I got home from work. He had left the door open for some extra light and fresh air. Apparently the crazy kitty must feel it's in love with our kitty's scent and came back for a second try. Sorry to tell you kitty, but our kitty will be much more mean than we will be to you. She even got in a fight with an orange tabby cat that used to hang around the house last summer.

The kitty came and sat on the ledge by our door. Uh-oh, our kitty was standing right at the door. Hal said our kitty was making so much noise hissing and yelling at it that he finally had to close the door. When I got home she was sitting right by the front door and her tail was still huge. Haha, good work freaking out our kitty stalker cat.

I have been rearranging and changing my blog, so sorry if things are different and keep changing for a while. Hal and I are headed to Colorado this weekend so also sorry if I am away from the blogging scene for a few days.


Elizabeth said...

"I love it when kitties get freaked out and their tales go puffy."

You are hilarious right there!

Selma said...

Have a terrific time in CO. :D And yeah so far I like your new layout and all...I thought my eyes were sick or something because it seemed different. lol...haha. good, my eyes saw right. :D this reminds me, I need to do the same one day...haha.

Happy Wednesday and happy weekend.

Oh and yes, cats in heat are annoying. I think my neighbor's cat is in heat all year long. seems as if she cannot not be in heat. LOL


Allison said...

Oh no! KITTY STALKER indeed! Haha, I love it! :D

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

I love your story telling! you painted a first i thought you were being robbed! thats hillarious!
i need a kitty

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Omg, that's one of the most annoying sounds in the world!!!!

Have a great time in CO!

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