Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas And good news

*Note: I wrote this post over 3 days so sorry if some of the timing is off.*

It's time to get pretty darn excited...'cause I received my very first blogging award!! I am so excited. Bleh, I was in a bad mood yesterday and then I read Selma's sweet comment and headed over to her blog to discover that someone actually likes reading this thing enough to give me an award for my ramblings. It really did help brighten my day, and put me in a much better mood. Thank you so much Selma, from Crazy Little World Of Mine!

These are the award rules: Copy the award image in your post. Then, list 10 things that make you happy, try to do at least one of them today, and tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day. For those 10 bloggers who get the award, you must link back to my blog!Yay, I am so excited, and want to say thank you to my sweet readers/friends.

I used to do e-mail chains back and forth of little surveys like this all the time back in middle school. Really, it was only between three of us, but we were awesome, and maybe that's why I know so much about Heather to this day. So maybe if I channel that time of my life I can do it again. Alright, just kidding, I still do them on a semi-regular basis on facebook. Shh, it's a secret.

Drumroll please.....And we're off.

1.Hal/Family/Hal / Familia

Alright, I know it's cliche and you might want to puke right now, but honestly, who isn't thankful for their spouse above all else? Ok, well maybe if your spouse is abusive or cheating or something then maybe you wouldn't be, but I lucked out and Hal isn't either of those. I honestly have the greatest family ever, Hal and I were so blessed that both of us blended so well into our in-law families, and it has made for one great big amazing family. To me family is so special and I am so glad that my family is so close and that we are able to be there for each other. Plus, I laugh the hardest when I am with my familia.

2. My Friends/Mis amigos/bloggy friendlies
Most of my closest friends I have had since high school or even before that. It's kind of amazing that we have stayed friends this long and that we see each other on a regular basis. Wouldn't it just brighten your day when you look down at your phone and it says "smelly" is calling and has a picture of you and your friends basically playing dress up? Well, it does mine. Plus, I am pretty sure I was literally fed by two different friends within the last week. And yes, in case you were wondering, I did make them to the airplane noises while they fed me. Hal may or may not have been a little weirded out when I told him the entire time we were talking on the phone Heather was feeding me yogurt. What? we're close.

3. Animals/Animales
Do you think I can come up with the Spanish names for all of them? Hmm, maybe not on my own, but that's why I have a living human Spanish dictionary named Hal. I am a huge animal person, and they make me so happy. Isn't it comforting to have someone greeting you at the door and is happy to see you while you husband is busy being a crazy school head? Seriously, animals are always happy, and they are so silly. Speaking of animals, look what we had at our house for a day.
Hal made us send it to his parents because the kitty was a little high maintenance, and after a bloody finger in the middle of the night and no sleep he said it had to go. Don't worry, it wasn't ours. Although, shh, I secretly wanted to keep it. It's my sister's Christmas present to her kids. Oh man, they're going to be so stinking excited on Christmas morning. As you can see Ebony, our kitty really likes other cats, that's why she is hiding under the chair and may or may not have hissed and growled and stalked and generally made the most annoying noises ever at the baby kitty. She's real genteel. I left her eyes alone in the picture, because that's probably how she really felt at the time.

4. Blogging/Blog
I like to blog. You know how sometimes you have emotional breakdowns because you need an outlet to ramble on about nothingness? Well, that's what this is to me. I like to blog and share pictures and a funny story here and there. And what I love even more are comments. Can't a sweet comment or a new follower just brighten up your day? Well, it does mine. It's great to see my blog go and become more exposed. When I first started out it was a blog for wedding ideas and no one ever commented and it was a lame sauce blog, but as I have graduated and had a lot more free time it has grown. It's like my own little baby, haha, not really, but you get the idea.
5. Accents/ Acentos
This is kind of funny, but someone with a cool accent automatically becomes cool. Especially when it's Scottish. They don't even have to be talking to me, but if I hear it, usually it makes me smile and feel happy inside.

6. Thursday Nights/ Jueves Nochesvia
Thursday nights used to be awesome for another reason. I used to be so good and I would go to the gym for yoga class with Monica every week. Then life got crazy and we have gotten out of the habit, but Thursday nights are still awesome. Thursdays my brother in law, Dane comes over and makes dinner and we all watch NBC Thursday nights. How can you go wrong with Community, The Office, and 30 Rock. Seriously, 3 of my favorite shows. Well, Parks and Recreation is how you can go wrong, but sometimes we get a good laugh out of it. Yummy dinner I didn't have to make, and good TV, that brightens my day.

7. Hot Showers/ Regadera Caliente

I am going to have to agree with Selma on this one, hot showers are the best. I'm not a bath person, but I could live in a hot shower. This is weird, but don't knock it until you try it. Hal used to think it was weird until I made him try it and now he does it to. It would work especially if you don't like baths. Sit in the shower. I'm serious. The feeling of the hot water on your back feels so amazing. It's the best way to start your day or end your night, or on the weekends I usually shower in the middle of the day so I can take really long ones. Oh man, now I really want to take a long hot shower, and I mean long, I seriously would take hour long showers if I could.

8. Being Silly/ Tonto
I just down right love it when people say silly things. Little kids are so silly, and it seems like adults have a harder time being silly, so I love it when it happens. Here is a good silly story. I had called Hal to complain about something so he could make me feel better, but he couldn't talk very long so her sent me this text message:

"On the second day of Christmas for my true love I send to you, a punch in the face to *****"

I bleeped out the name so no one would know who I was talking about. Actually, the person probably doesn't ever read this, but I don't want to hurt someone's feelings while I'm talking about things that brighten my day. But for real, how can you not laugh when a 2 1/2 year old says "story of my life"?

Here is another good silly story for you: The other night we were at the dinner table with Hal's family and there were 7 of us there eating the most delicious stuffed french toast ever. Hal asked me if I had taken my pill with my meal. (I take digestive enzymes to keep my tummy healthy and from hurting lots) So hal got up to get me my pill because I have this amazing medicine pouch thing that holds lots of stuff. He comes back to the table commenting on something someone said and tries to hand me my pill. I just started laughing and said "hun, wrong pill" He looked down...yup, he had my birth control in his hand, about to punch one out. That made for some nice dinner conversation that probably made Dane, the only unmarried one rather red.

9. Socks/ Calcetines
Alright, I will admit it to the public...I love socks. I have a wee bit of a problem with bare feet. Alright alright, I'll come clean. I have a phobia of bare feet. Bleh. So thus my obsession with socks makes sense, right? I love finding amazingly cute socks for cheap. Seriously, some awesome poka dotted to argyle socks for $1 at Target is the best deal ever. I love that people give me socks for my birthday and Christmas. Actually, I could use some of those this year, so socks for Christmas, that would brighten my day.

10. Giving/ Dar
It's something that I love about this time of year, and maybe it's why I love birthdays so much. I love finding a present that I just know someone will totally love because it's so 'them'. Doesn't it feel good to just give and not really expect anything in return. I actually got a little stressed for a second about Christmas and buying lots of presents because I forgot that we will be getting things in return. Hal and I got a name off of the angel tree at church. It's from a ward here in Utah that our bishop knows of the bishop of and apparently the entire ward is struggling so it was really nice to help out someone in need. We got a 15 year old girl who needed pants. It's hard buying for someone you don't know, but I like buying presents that people really need. I didn't want to buy trendy pants that she may hate, so I looked for just some darker nice looking jeans that would last her a while. I really hope she likes them and I really hope that it helps. Also, I love wrapping presents, so I made her present real pretty so she would like it. That's what the picture is above.

I apologize if my Spanish is wrong, I remembered some of it from the 3 years I took in High School that did nothing for me, but if it's wrong then freetranslation.com failed me as I couldn't get a hold of my husband.

And moving right along to my 10 bloggers that brighten my day, but I'm only going to do 5, because 10 is an awful lot of work, and some have already received this award.

Heather @ Did you know you're sorta beautiful
Mara @ M Loves M
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Emily @ Emily Elizabeth Someone
Lindy @ Letting You In

Congratulations ladies! Enjoy!

Oh, and since this will probably be my last post before Christmas, I wanted to wish all of you a
Very Very Merry Christmas.
I hope all of your Santa dreams come true.
Oh, and don't forget the true meaning of Christmas. It's gotten harder it seems. I saw this on a store sign and thought it was really cool, so I will share it with you.

The reason for the season
The Son


Elizabeth said...

You are sweet sweet sweet! I'm so jealous you got a sewing machine, by the way. I'm saving up my Christmas and birthday cash to get one...yay!

Selma said...

This is super cute!!! Yay on socks, by the way. Love them too. I'm not bare feet phobic but still love socks...in any color and pattern. ;)
Hope you had an amazing Christmas!!!

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

you are a babe. you can be like my friend on julia and julia where they only write letters...only we can be blog friends.
i love your honesty in this blog...too many people are fake fake fake and its boring.
keep it up girl!!

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