Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

I was so into the Christmas spirit, but for some reason it has kind of faded away recently. So hopefully this post will help me get back into it.

It's probably because this week just might be lame sauce. Hal is taking a class inbetween the semesters. Weird, right? It's actually really cool because the class normally is 4 hours long, one day a week for the entire semester. Hal's class is 6 hours a day M-F for a week and a half. He rearranged his finals because the class started today, which is technically finals week and goes until next Wednesday. And best of all, the class is 4 credit hours. How sweet is that for Hal's school? How un-sweet is that for me who will be home alone M-F until 10 for a week and a half? It's pretty lame. So...if you want to hang out this week while I'm bored, let me know.

Last weekend we went and got our Christmas tree. We found a really cute one that was pretty full and we completly overpaid for it. Reminder: next year, don't go to J&L Nursery. He-Sam came over after we got back from my work Christmas party to help us get the tree up and decorated. At my work party I got a bubble gum bank "because santa heard I had a student in my house" haha, Hal and Dane have enjoyed the gum.

Hal is a jerk and wouldn't let me get an angel when we were at the store last month. Bah humbug. Actually, they were kind of spendy, so maybe we'll get one after Christmas for mega cheap. Hopefully they won't just have ugly ones left.

Do you like this top picture? I told Hal to smile, because he always makes weird faces in pictures, and this is what he did. He is such a dork face, and I love it lots. See that red star thing on the tree? It's a santa in the shape of a star that I made when I was really little and Hal actually got it to stay on top of the tree and told me it's our star. So here Hal actually smiled nice, which was nice. Now you may be asking why I marked my green onions on this picture. I marked them because I have something amazing to share with you. During this recession I understand everyone is worried about money, and I am just trying to do my share by giving ideas to those who come across my blog. Actually, not really, I just think it is coolio and wanted to share. (Remember coolio, the singer?)
Dane, my brother in law/chef shared this with me. I don't use green onions very often so it sucks to use them up and then need them in another recipe. When I was over at my in-laws I noticed they had a cup of water with green onions in it in the window. I was curious, and what I learned will blow your mind. If you cut up your green onions, just the green part, not the white part and leave the roots at the bottom of the shallot, the white part and put them in a cup of water and put it in a window the green onions will REGROW. How unbelieveable is that? If you don't use them the green onion will start to die off, but I just chopped off the green part again and they are already starting to regrow. How economical is that? I'm not really that economical, I just think it is really cool.
Here we go, this picture looks a little more like the Christmas spirit. You don't think it's overkill do you? I think it's just about right, right? Actually, we don't really have any Christmas decorations because Hal hates storing decorations in our tiny apartment. Luckily, he said we can have more decorations when we have a house. Maybe this will work out, we won't buy the decorations and save that money and use it in the future to buy a house. Haha, just kidding. Hal probably uses it on ice cream.
He actually stomped his foot at me in Wal-Mart when I said "Dave Ramsey said it's not in the budget" when I told him no ice cream. If any of you have done Dave Ramsey you will understand that reference. Hal's parents have taught the class and we actually won the kit when he came to town last year. Hal's parents bought us tickets so we could learn the money handling skills and start our marriage off right.
Part way through his seminar he pointed to our section and said "Is anyone in this section getting married in the next year?" We happened to be the only ones, so we had to stand up and say our names and our wedding date in front of hundreds of people. They gave us the whole kit for free. The next day at work one of the lawyers asked if that was me at the seminar. So we decied since we got it for free we might as well do the course. We are just doing it with Hal's parents, but this month is the first month we are on a for real budget, and it's proving to be real hard to keep track of everything. That may be because I never finished setting up the cash envelopes...I mean, just kidding Judy.

P.S. there is a spider in the corner of the ceiling, and I don't know where our bug spray is so I am going to leave it alone and hope it dies and does not come any where near me, 'cause I might freak.
P.P.S. I really need an ugly Christmas sweater, real bad.


Allison said...

Yay for cute Christmas trees! Yours looks GREAT and I love your "Christmas spirit" picture. :D

Morgan Familia said...

I'll tell you, I love Dave Ramsey. We've never done a course (dang Montana being so far away from everything) but I've got all his books and we totally use the Baby Steps. Yay for not being in debt!!!
You guys are very festive. Can't wait to see you!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Hey! Thanks for the outfit advice for the law firm party. I love your tree and then animation hats lol

Selma said...

Cute pictures. Love your tree! Still need to take pictures of mine...:( :)

Tights Lover said...

Cute pictures. I love the tree! Hal certainly doesn't look like a 'dork face' either...hahaha!

Kristin said...

I'm all about the day after Christmas decorations shopping. Bet you could find a gorg angel!

Selma said...

...and what I wanted to say girl is that I left ya something on my blog.
Happy Monday! :D

Escapist said...

So nice pix.....

Merry Christmas....


Leesie said...

You 2 are so cute, my husband and I had a quick romance too! We moved in together at 3 months, he proposed at 9 mos, and now we're married about a year later! Yay for quick love.

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