Wednesday, December 9, 2009


So we have a new tradition for the day after Thanksgiving! Man, apparently I need to be more timely about posting. This post is dangerous, well, not really. It just looks dangerous because it involved guns! And I don't mean guns as in muscles.

Here is the story, last thanksgiving we went up to Montana to visit Mike & Jessi and their new baby babe and the day after Thanksgiving we decided to go shooting. Hal had just gotten a new gun and wanted to shoot it. I'm not a huge gun fan, but my husband's family enjoys them, so I go and last year I shot a gun for the first time. I'd say it's probably good for someone to shoot a gun at least once in thei life and maybe know how to handle one in case of emergency.

Anywho, we were going to go shooting in the mountains behind Montana Tech. The roads up there are kid of scary and have these big dips in them. Well, we ran into one of those dips that was filled with water. It didn't look too deep, and when asked if we could make it through, Dane said "Of course, it's a Beauville." If you don't know what a Beauville van looks like, go look it up. Actually, Mike got a video of us in the Beauville after we got submerged in that awesome puddle to the point where the tailpipe was bubbling. Awesome. It has definitely made for a funny story. A van tried to pul us out and when they couldn't they gave a very muddy Mike a ride home to get his truck which luckily pulled us out.

Isn't that video awesome? I think so. The day after Thanksgiving after Hal got off work we decided to go shooting again up in the mountains above Bountiful. We also went shooting with Jessi's family which was so much fun. Mike and Jessi had both gotten new guns they hadn't shot yet, so we broke them in. Here is a video of me shooting Mike's new gun...I think it's a 380? Maybe a 357? I don't remember what Hal said, and all of the gun lingo gets mixed up in my head. Hal says I look like an assassin with my white gloves. Haha, for all he knows maybe I am. Secretly, but I guess this post would make that not so secret. Little guns with big bullets hurt real bad to shoot, as evidence by this video.


And what seems to be another tradition, that night we went out to Thai food. Jessi's dad went to Thailand on his mission so whenever they are in town we seem to go out to Thai food. Urgh, maybe I shouldn't be talking about this when I am mega hungry because I'm almost drooling on my keyboard at the thought of Sawadee. Yum-o.

The second part of this story is that after we went shooting this year we took a wrong turn on the way back down the mountain. We tried to turn down a little road...bad idea. The dirt was super soft and we couldn't back up. After much pushing and reversing, and an accidental moment in drive and lots of screaming and life flashing before eyes we got out!

Quite the accidental tradition, eh?


Allison said...

I love it! Looks like SO much fun- except I'm deathly afraid of getting shot!

Scott & Traci said...

Fun! I think Scott would love that tradition. :) I had to watch the video for proof that both Aunt Judy and Sam shot a gun, I just can't picture it... but now...I've seen it so I guess I can :)

ChloƩ said...

haha, that is crazy! but sounsd like a ton of fun! i am glad you didn't die :) i have been shooting a few times! it always kills my shoulder though! those guns are powerful! p.s. i like the snow on your blog :)

Kristin said...

I actually think that would be fun. It's the hubs that's a scerrrred of guns. Ah ha

Jillian said...

LOL that's awesome! I'm sooooo glad you put up some video It's fun to see you!!!!

Morgan Familia said...

Hee hee, they're totally a bunch of softies :)
I love traditions! Especially yummy ones, not the ones where we're afraid someone is going to get run over!

Elizabeth said...

Oh shooting is a tradition at my uncle's house. I have shot a gun once, and that was enough for me.

Selma said...

Looks like a lot of fun, although I would never wanna do this! The Thai food tradition is cool though. :D

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

yes! i loved it, im not good with guns scary or so ive been told!
and that video was fab i must say

The Boob Nazi said...

You'd think travel would trump all, but the mother and I were worried the grandfather would die while we were there.... It was troubling. But he's still alive, so it was for naught.

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