Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Today is a day of firsts. Some big, and some small.

Today For the first time this happened to me. I didn't even really think this happened in real life. It's something that you see in the movies, right? Wrong.

There is a spot where I love to do this, but it's not a spot where people walk. And granted this picture may be a more dramatic version of what happened to me, but a car still splashed me and it was cold and wet. Boo. As I was backing up another car splashed me. Double boo.

It's snowing like mad outside. Yes, it is March 31st, the day before April begins. Yes, spring should be here, but alas it is snowing really hard, and has been all day. At least it isn't sticking like it does during the winter months. I guess I can't be too upset as this is Utah, and this is a part of living here. I wouldn't be surprised if it snowed again before May. I remember once it snowed in June.

Today for the first time that I can remember I slammed a drawer shut on my finger, but on the fingernail part. I can't remember ever hitting it quite like this. My thumb still hurts. What the heck, drawer?

Today for the first time I did something really cool. I know you're thinking 'today is the first time you've done something cool?' But this is cooler than cool, it's awesome. Today Hal and I submitted our Peace Corps applications. See, I told you it's cool. We're really excited, and we have no idea what exactly will come of this, if anything, but we're excited nonetheless. We applied to go anywhere, but if we had our choice we would go to Morocco.

Alright, those might be my only firsts that I can think of today.

Hal and I are home from Colorado, and we had a blast. I have some awesome pictures to share. Just think....giraffes.


Scott & Traci said...

I'm sorry about the wet/cold getting splashed by a car :( But! I'm glad you guys had fun in Colorado! I'm excited to see pictures ;)

Oh... It snowed here too :P

Big Mama said...

Holy cow, Sam, I want to hear more about the Peace Corps! You two are totally so cool.
And I'm sorry bout the snow. We had a great day at the park today - 78 degrees :) Better come visit us!

ChloƩ said...

oh man i can't believe that happened to you twice today! i have never had that happen..maybe in the summer when i was little and played in puddles and wanted it to happen..but never unintentionally... bummer!

that is so exciting about the peace corps! how fun would that be to go to morocco!! so cool! you are awesome!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Wow, it sounds like you didn't have a great day. I hope your finger is doing better. That's pretty exciting about the applications!

Elizabeth said...

That picture totally makes your story better...great illustration. And exciting about your apps to go places :)

Selma said...

Welcome back girl. Can't wait for pictures!! :) And yes, Sam, this can happen in real life. It almost happened to me on March 29, when I was waiting for the light to turn green. It was raining and I for some reason thought I was standing far enough away from any possible splash water or whatever. WRONG. But I realized it quickly and jumped back the second the water came. :) That must have been a picture. People starting laughing around me. Thank you. So sorry this happened to you twice in one day. :(

Happy Easter Weekend girl. :)


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