Monday, April 5, 2010


Hey guys! I hope you all had a lovely Easter yesterday. Mine was pretty low key, but awesome at the same time because we got cake eggs. My mom used to always buy us cake eggs, and have our names put on them. In Utah the last few years they stopped selling them, and only sell the marshmellow eggs which are ick. Safeway still sells them, so when we were in Colorado (since there isn't a safeway in Utah) Safeway was nice enough to special make the for us and Hal and I brought home a bunch for my siblings. I couldn't find a picture of what cake eggs looked like online so you could see what I was talking about. I would take a picture of the one we have left, but it was damaged on the plane, so it isn't so pretty. So I found something that looks kind of similar to them. Man, these are seriously Easter to me. And they're one of the most delicious treats ever. Perhaps since my sister has to send me my birthday present sometime soon maybe she should send me some of these as well. HINT HINT

We had such a blast in Colorado. The only pictures we got of the entire time we were there were of us at the ZOO in Colorado Springs. It's a cool zoo that is on the mountain side. For real, the whole thing was uphill because it was literally built on the mountain. The zoo was really cool because they let you get a lot closer to the animals than most zoos. Seriously, we were like 2 feet from the hippos who cuddled up and fell asleep next to each other.

The best part of the zoo? They let you feed the giraffes! Can you believe it? It was so cool. We bought a bunch of crackers and fed them. I would have stayed there and done that all day if they had let me. Look closely, or click on the pictures to make them bigger, and you will see some serious giraffe tongues. We ended up getting giraffe saliva on us each time we fed them. Hal kept trying to pet them on the face, for some weird reason they didn't like it. I swear, he has to harass everything around him.

In the hippo area there was this big fatty fat toad. It was cool because you could look through it. I was looking in it when some random little girl came up in front of me and started asking me a billion questions about it until her mom came and dragged her away. What a random little friendly girl.
I'm sad that we didn't have more pictures, but we had so much fun. My sister and her husband bought a fire pit while we were there and we had ourselves a little bonfire, it was really fun.
Has anyone ever played the deal or no deal game at an arcade before? Holy cow, we went to this place called Mr. Biggs and that is what we spent the majority of the time doing. I totally won like over 300 tickets in one round, it was awesome. I could have gotten a little cheap helicopter thingie, but instead hal had to buy a million bouncy balls and throw them out the window while we were driving around to see where they would go.


The Boob Nazi said...

I want to feed giraffes! (I totally almost wrote I want to eat giraffes haha.) Cake eggs sound absolutely delicious.

Selma said...

Cake eggs does sound fantastic. ;) Just no chocolate eggs.

ChloƩ said...

aww! i want a cake egg! how yummy! that is so cool you guys got that store to make some for ya! so cool! and i am jealous you got to feed the giraffes! glad you had a great easter!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Glad you had a great time!!! Those cake eggs sound fabulous!

mikey and kimby said...

That's way too fun! I can't wait to have kids so I can blame them for the reason why I run around the zoo, pointing at all the animals and grinning from ear to ear saying, "Mike! Look! Bear!" or whatever animal it is.

But the main point is, I'm glad you had fun!

Amy Hansen Photo said...

Woot woot! Fun times.

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