Saturday, March 20, 2010


Today is one and a half years! woo! Since Hal is gone snowboarding with his brother for the day I'd figure I would take the time to be super lazy and do nothing other than make this post. I actually had every intention to clean, but weird, that hasn't happened yet. Oh well. It's a special day so Hal can't get mad at me. haha.

So in honor of this day I will finally get around to posting our one year anniversary pictures, because it was so much fun. Get ready for the picture overload.
Hal and I went to the Utah State Fair during the day. It was the first time I have ever been there. My sister and her family met us there so we went around the fair with them. It had a lot of fun. The animals were definitely my favorite part. It was pretty hot that day, but luckily it wasn't unbearable like it can often be during the summer.

We saw the craziest thing there. They had a steer that was over 5'5" tall. It was crazy crazy huge so we had to get some pictures with it. I was surpised that it was so calm with all of the people around it taking pictures.

Isn't my niece so stinkin cute? Seriously, my sister has the cutest kids. She was scared to be up on his shoulders and wanted down right after this.
After we left the fair we went and changed my my friend Christine's house and her and her husband took some pictures of us in our wedding clothes at temple square. I totally got up on this statue all by myself in my dess, and then Hal and to copy me and climbed up on the other statue. As he was helping me down we ran into one of my friends from High School, Kim. They just happend to be downtown for the symphony and walked past us as we were being silly.
We rode off into the sunset in a carriage. Actually, the sun did set as we rode around temple square in a carriage. I had always wanted to go on a ride, and it was totally awesome.
We finally made our way to Stein Erikson in Park City. That is where we went the weekend we got married. Steins is serously magic in September. It's beautiful up there and the lodge is super duper fancy.
I finally did it! Just 6 months late, but better late than never, right? I figured that we had too much fun and Park City was too beautiful not to post about it. Looking at these make me long for Spring. Hopefully it comes soon.
We're going to a st. patty's day party tonight and I'm excited because I couldn't celebrate on the 17th because I had a final interview the next morning. I'll know on Monday if I got it or not. So send good vibes my way!


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Those pictures are too cute and funny. I loved your gown!

mikey and kimby said...

I remember that day! How fun! I love all the photos!

Elizabeth said...

Your red slippers are so sweet!

Selma said...

Finally I can comment on these pictures girl. Love that you went on a carriage ride. :D Happy belated 1.5 years!!!!! ;) And seems I don't have much time left to be online these my comment seems so odd and quite blah...sorry. ;)

Happy Wednesday. xoxo

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