Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Which one of these is not like the other?

Which one of these is not like the other?
Poll: Which one of these is not like the other? I think I will put an actual poll on my blog for you all to complete. Do you remember when you were little and this was your homework? You had to pick out which fish was different and what not. Well, if you were Hal you would look at those and think The third santa is obviously the odd one out as he is standing next to the fireplace and the other two pictures are just close ups of santas. Yes ladies and gents, Hal called me Santa Claus.

The other night I asked Hal to get me something out of my nightstand as I'm too lazy to get up and he mummbled something from he bedroom about santa. Last Christmas I was gifted a chocolate santa from a little girl in nursery (emily if you read this, it was Arden!). I forgot about it and put it in my nightstand....and there Santa has lived for the past 11 months. He must have needed out to start on Christmas preparations, or because boys are gross. I am pretty sure something spilled in my nightstand at one point and for some bizarre reason when I cleaned it up I just wiped off the santa (as it was wrapped in colorful tin foily stuff (yes, I did make up the word foily and woo for double parenthesis)) instead of throwing him away and left them in here.
So Hal came out carrying this almost year old santa and said he wanted to eat it. I proceeded to tell him how gross that was as he unwrapped good 'ol santa. He then licked the santa and said it was like me. Ahem. What was that? You think I am like Santa? I am an old man with a beard? Thanks for the self esteem booster there Hal...

Don't even worry, he came back with this as he was laughing hysterically at himself : Yes, especially the beard. He even proceeded to mimic santa, scratch that, my beard. What the heck, Hal? I'm santa, where in the world did that come from?
He even told me I should post this on our blog...because he thinks he's real funny. And in reality, he is.

Oh, and to get him back, I will tell you an even funnier story.
Last night Hal ate some kippered herring before class. Holy sick. Well, apparently it stuck with him when he went into class because his teacher called him fish boy all during class. Oh my goodness, I think this shows Hal's character, I would be mortified if my teacher called me fish girl, but I suppose it's a bit worse for a girl to be called fishy...anyway, Hal just thought it was so darn funny. There is a girl who comes to his class late and he usually helps her out. So after the class made fun of him at the beginning for being fish boy, at the end of class the teacher called him fish boy again and the girl who he helps said: "Is that what that smell was?" Oh wow, he must have smelled real fierce.

I was glad he didn't stink when he came home.
I guess I should just be glad that he puts up with my crazy clumsiness...I tripped four times today. Twice on the sidewalk, once on a rug, and once with just my own two feet. I did manage to make a lovely pasta dinner with chicken garlic sauce (ramen) for dinner, but even better than that, I made cookies and did the dishes while they baked. Hal decided to make cookie sandwiches with chocolate frosting in the middle and ate almost all of the first batch before I even came back in the room. So pretty much I'm trying to say I am the best half santa half wife ever.


Melissa said...

Hey thanks for the congrats. I'm obviously really excited.

You're much more than beautiful said...

Wow, Samca, that's some sweet red outfits you have. When did you get those? ;)

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