Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nothing Beats Downtown

Do you know what's awesome? Having a freight sticker on my car for downtown and parking in the half an hour parking freight zone across from my building for an hour and a half and being able to look out the conference room window to make sure my car doesn't have a ticket on it because I am staying late at work so I can have some cake since we are celebrating November birthdays this month. If there ever was a month where we didn't have a birthday I'm pretty sure my work would buy a cake anyway and say we were celebrating for all people who have a birthday this month or some silliness like that. 'Cause we're awesome, and we like cake over here...

Actually, work isn't awesome and I need a new job pronto. I have actually been looking since I graduated as I am now super over qualified for what I do and get paid way too little. I have been on some interviews, but it's a hard market out there. Lame.

I have an interview on Monday with a business in Murray and it made me realize something.

I need to work downtown. I have worked downtown for the last 4 Christmases...soon to be 5 and I just don't know if it would feel like Christmas without being downtown all the time. I drove by temple square last night as I do everynight on my way home and they had some of the lights on. It just made me reminisce (can you believe that I just spelled that correctly on the first try and didn't even need the spell check, oh man, that's amazing. Hooked on P-Honiks work-ed for meh) about Christmas time downtown. Hal and I love downtown...besides all the bumdidles. Well, except the one who plays the cello really well and is missing a bunch of teeth, he's cool, but I digress...

picture found here
The old building I worked in had the best Christmas decorations. They had huge wreaths and garland that goes down the huge posts that hold the building up and a big tall Christmas tree that someone comes in and decorates. I feel all Christmasy just thinking about it. I have been so blessed to work downtown and see all of the wonderful Holiday cheer that comes out this time of year (ha, that rhymed). This picture is from Gallivan Plaza which is kitty corner to my new building downtown, so pretty, huh?
I never thought I would be one to say I am ready for it to get cold and snow, I usually hate that stuff, but the holidays are almost here and it needs to be snowy for it to be Christmas.
What makes you feel the holiday cheer?


The SSS Sophisticate said...

I miss working downtown for that exact reason! Where I work now there are no deocrations or lights. But that is probably the ONLY thing I miss! I don't miss the traffic and expensive parking!

Anonymous said...

man it would be so cool to work downtown! and your current job sounds pretty cool if they give you cake all the time! haha. good luck though on your searching!

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

i love ice skating downtown.i love to ride my bycycle.
i heart downtown

Jessica said...

I missed that beautiful tree and decorations last year, although our building decorates beautifully too, it wasn't that big tree with the grand staircase. I always intended to bring my kids in there and take their picture in front of it, or have my family sit on the staircase and have someone else take our pictures for our yearly Christmas cards, which is one of my favorite holiday traditions, I love plastering my refrigerator with all of the holiday photo cards from family and friends, I usually leave them there until I do my spring cleaning and then I file them away.

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