Monday, November 9, 2009

The Big 23!

This cute guy had a birthday yesterday!

I had these amazing plans to take Hal to Lava Hot Springs, one of our favorite places, and have a surprise party, but last minute pretty much everyone bailed on me. That was a huge bummer, but we were still going to go with just a couple of people...until the night before He-Sam text me to say he forgot his nephew was getting baptized when we were supposed to be in Lava. Alas, we had to cancel our plans. It was probably good though since Hal had a ton of homework. So that is how we spent our exciting Saturday morning. Hal doing homework and me striving to win at mahjong titans in every layout. (I succeeded)

My sister felt bad that no one from our family was going to Lava so we planned a dinner for anyone who couldn't come to lava. Also sadly most of our friends who bailed last minute couldn't come to the dinner either. Bummer-o. We decided to make it a surprise since Lava didn't work out. He -Sam said he felt so bad that I had made a banner and brought it over and wished we had some other way to use it, so He-Sam was going to bring it to the dinner. Apparently he didn't feel that bad...because he forgot it!

Hal wanted to get some new work clothes for his brithday so after that we had some time to kill before dinner at the ever yummy California Pizza Kitchen. I dragged Hal into Anthropologie so I could buy some time. Hal sat on the couch since he was so starved with hunger while I brought random things to show him and make him smell. I totally almost spilled the beans also. Hal thought my dad was taking us out, but Hal kept wanting to go eat, and I said we should wait "because they're all going to be late anyway." Ah! This is when having a husband who listens to what you say is a disadvantage. Of course he asked who "all" was. I said Angela was coming, because he knew I had been talking to her and because she's notorious for being really late to things. When we were walking to the resaurant he asked if there were going to be a lot of people. I denied this and he said good, I would be nice to just have a calm dinner....ahem...We had quite a few people come to the dinner, mostly family, but it was really fun and yummy.

He-Sam called me while we were in Anthropologie so I got up and started looking at stuff away from Hal so he couldn't hear me, and I found these bad babies. They were so over priced and some of them were ridiculous, but the first one, the awesome red one with the cute bow I actually wanted. Too bad that $60 could go to a lot better things. Pretty sure Anthropologie should hire me as a hat model, don't ya think?

Yesterday, Hal's actual birthday we celebrated at his parent's house. Dane-ald made a yummy meal and a cake from the beet cupcake recipe from the mad hatter tea birthday party in July. I'm not a chocolate cake fan, but this is pretty good. We played War and Ticket to Ride and He-Sam finally brought over the banner that I made.
Happy birthday to my Hal-bean, the bestest hubby out there. Thanks for working so tirelessly at school and work to make sure we have a good life. Thanks for listening to me complain and talk about random nothingness when you get home. Thanks for being way better than me at cleaning and making the house look amazing when you do clean. Thanks for going to get me Nielsen's fries when I am massively craving them. Thanks for always getting up to get me things because I'm too lazy. Thanks for letting us keep our kitty even though she hinders which apartments we can have, and thanks for secretly loving her, and thanks for finally admitting that to me yesterday.

I hope your 23rd year of life will be absolutely amazing!


Selma said...

The banner is cute!!! Birthdays are always fun.

Cristyannie said...

Happy birthday Hal! You seriously could be a model for anthropologie. I love looking at there stuff...occasionally I have found some great deals but oh man I wish I was a millionaire.

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