Thursday, November 5, 2009

Did you hear about the Morgans?

Alright Alright, I had this posted on my facebook wall today: "Your blog stalker told me that they wanted you to post something so he/she could be entertained at work. Thank you."

I'm sure that person is pretty excited that I started that out as my first sentence of this blog. As I have been thinking about posting this, actually I thought of it last night and then in the morning I thought what in the world was I going to post about the mafia and how was I going to link that to anything? Luckily, I remembered! I was going to wait to post this because I still hadn't written about Halloween yet, but I couldn't write about Halloween right now because the pictures are on my computer at home and I could get the pictures for this post off of the internet. Then I remembered I still haven't posted about our Anniversary yet, so I gave up and posted this blog anyway.

Yesterday while I was blog stalking I read a post about holiday movies coming out and I saw the movie poster for this and was astounded.

How amazing is that? Pretty sure Hal's and my life will never be the storyline for this movie as it is about people who have to enter the witness protection program and move from New York to some rural podunk town. Then I got to thinking...maybe our life could end up like this. What if we had connections to the mafia or something and had to be put in the witness protection program?
My sister says that Hal looks like he is in the mafia in this picture and that he is thinking of his next kill. Even if Hal was in the mafia I wouldn't want him thinking about killing someone on our wedding day. That would just be weird. You're supposed to be happy on our wedding day. Unless, thinking of killing someone makes him happy, then it wouldn't be so bad that he thought of it on out wedding day. Wait, what am I saying? Thinking of killing someone is always bad. Well, unless it's like jokingly 'I'm going to kill you,' you know, along the same lines as when you talk about punching someone in the face.

Well, Hal's not really in the mafia so I guess I don't need to worry about him thinking of his next kill on our wedding day. But Hal's uncle is full Italian and lives in San Francisco, or one of those cities right around it. Their last name is even really Italian. For all we really know, he could be secretly in the mafia. Maybe he could hook us up, you know, so we can live out the story line of this movie.

Then we might have the problem of the chicken and the egg. Which came first? The storyline for the movie? Or Hal and I being the Morgans who may in the future may live that very life that someone wrote about. Maybe secretly we were his inspiration. Although, I'm not sure I would pick Sarah Jessica Parker to play me in a movie. I'm alright with Hugh Grant playing Hal because he has a sweet accent and accents are super attractive. Urgh, Hal totally got the better end of that stick.

They should have at least let us do a cameo, goodness, who do they think they are?

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Anonymous said...

Haha, that's real funny. I am jealous of your Italian uncle! I have zero mafia connections...too bad.
I have not heard anything about that movie coming out! Love Hugh Grant (Two Weeks Notice was the best). Sarah Jessica Parker...not so much. Sounds like the movie will be entertaining though! Thanks for the heads up...

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