Monday, November 2, 2009


Are you ready to be amazed? Well, if you're not then you better get ready fast because I am about to showcase the extent of my creative thinking ability. Scratch that, I'm actually pretty good at thinking of good creative ideas, but they don't usually translate well into real life. So then, I am about to showcase my creative thinking production ability...How about that?
Here is the front of the awesomely huge card that is really just a poster folded in half that I made for Gavin and Meghan. I am so freakin' creative I even came up with a poem for the front of the card all by myself and I shall post it here for your viewing pleasure:
We were sorry to
Hear about the accident
It made us sad
So we wanted to do something
To make you glad
The ICU wouldn't allow
our flowers
So I gathered al of my
Creative magical powers
Lots of people wanted to wish you well
And we thought that was just swell
But since you were stuck in bed
And couldn't see them all
We brought them to you to post on your wall
I had asked people to send me their well wishes, but I only had like 5 people respond, so I took all of the comments off of their facebook pages and cut them out and glued them to scrapbook paper and then glued them on the inside of the card. There were like 7 pages of comments before I cut them out. Hal and he-sam were helping me cut and paste, many thanks to them. I went to the potty and came back and Hal had lined up all of the strips to be glued in straight lines. I had to correct him and let him know that wasn't creative. I know, because I'm uber creative. Some might call me the queen of creativity. Those who would call me that would be wrong though, I prefer to be a princess. That's why I was a princess for Halloween. Just kidding, I wasn't a princess for Halloween. Well, I take that back, I was a princess for Halloween I believe in the 8th grade. Therefore I rescind that comment. Sorry about that tangent, I will now send you back to the story.
They were pretty impressed that I could fit all of the strips on the inside of the card because just lining them up would have left half on the back of the card. Well, he-sam actually left before I finished, but Hal was super impressed. And I may or may not have found one strip of paper that never made it to the scrapbook page when I was cleaning up, but I'll never tell. So sorry to that person who may or may not have been left out of the card. They had 7 pages worth, that's enough, right?
Also for your viewing pleasure...while Hal said he was being tortured at Roberts while I picked out paper he had the thought to finally get a frame for my diploma. Good thing Roberts was having a mega sale that day and we got everything for the normal price of the frame. Hal said I could shop at Roberts all I want since it was cheap. Score!

Here is me with my lovely framed diploma don't look too close or you'll see my full maiden name and might steal my identity. So don't do it! Plus, I had no makeup on and was sick in this picture, so also don't look close for that reason.
This frame was inspired by Christine's diploma frame that Hal saw. He liked the double panes of glass and actually went looking for a similar frame. I just had to give Christine the credit, as credit was due.
P.S. blogger isn't letting me put spaces in, sorry for the big chunks of writing. How am I supposed to space my poem? Apparently blogger doesn't understand my creative thinking.


20 Something said...

That card is such a cute/good Idea!!!! I might have to steal it in the future :)

Anonymous said...

you are way more creative than i am! what a cool idea! and blogger wont let me space the way i want it to either. its either double spaced or no space. no one spaced lines. i hate it.

Allison said...

WHAT! That is amazing. It looks like such a great gift, and I will TOTALLY do it one day.. if I can find the time! :D

Thanks for commenting on my silly blog- I LOVE yours!

Natalie said...

that's such a creative card!!

love the poem :D

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