Friday, October 30, 2009

Bad days sometimes turn into bad weeks

So I am going to have a pity party for a minute and complain about the awful week that I have had since I last posted. It seriously had to be one of the worst. Here are some of the things that have happened in the last week.
-after my last post I got really sick. I coughed myself silly so Hal took me to the instacare on Saturday. Tada! I had an upper respiratory infection, which caused the cough and I cough so hard I inflamed the stuff inbetween my ribs. It seriously hurt to even touch my ribs. Cough medicine can do wonders though.

-Hal got really sick. Hal cought the flu and has been home all week, but since I was still sick for part of this week we both were kind of dying and his mom brought him some 'wicca' juice to make him better. I finally did start feeling better so I took care of him, he isn't the easiest patient. And when he is sick he makes little moaning/grunting noises in his sleep that make it hard for me to sleep so I kind of had insomia for a few days.

-On Sunday we were going to go down and see our friends Gavin and Meghan since they were in a horrible car accident and she had just been released from the hospital,so I was bringing them a card I made for them (I'll post pictures because I was pretty impessed with the extent of my creativeness this time) and so when we left I took my cough medicine on an empty stomach. Uh-oh. About 5 minutes into the car ride I got nauseous. Then we found out they lived behind a gated community and we didn't know the code and Hal was so so grumpy because he was starting to get sick I was sick so we left it on the inside of the gate and drove away. On the way home Hal had to pull across lanes to an emergency pullout (darn construction!) so I could open my door and ralph on the side of I-15. Super awesome. Or not.

-Throwing up caused me to kind of get resick and I had an upset tummy for a couple of days.

-The worst of all on Tuesday my dad called me and said that we were probably going to have to put down our family dog, but we were waiting for the results of some blood test. About 2 weeks ago we found out she had hepititis(What the heck? I didn't even know dogs could get that) They have no idea how she got it and since she is such a good dog and didn't show hardly any signs her liver and kidneys were damaged. They said since she was responding well to medicine she would have another 3 years...or like 2 weeks! She wouldn't eat because her kidneys were shutting down and backing up into her tummy and making her sick. Yeah, tets came back, kidneys were in complete failure so all of us gathered together to put our beautiful Austrilian Shepard Sydney or Sydney Bidney as I always called her down. It was so awful. She had trouble breathing, but when my sister and her kids walked in she even sat up and was so excited to see everyone. Anyone who knows how I feel about animals knows how hard this was for me, it was a pretty awful day.

-We have had issues with Hal's car lately which is super lame since my car has issues too. Anyway, we went to Walgreens to get my prescription for the cough medicine and we came out and his car wouldn't start. It usually takes a while, but then it will start. Nope, nothing. My poparito was very nice and picked us up and even took us to Costco to get Hal's dad's birthday present which is where we were going. It was nice to talk to him while Hal was in Costco though. So we signed up for AAA and had Hal's car towed a few days later.

Alright Alright, I won't complain anymore becuse life happens and we really did have somany blessings in these situations, so I will list those too so you don't think I am a total ingrate as my dad would say.

-The guy who towed Hal's car told us of someone in Centerville, like super close to us that works on Volvos. Our mechanic said we needed to take it to the dealership since the check engine light was on and they couldn't do anything about it. But the guy in Centerville can do all the dealership stuff and is way cheaper. Sweet o! So we had it towed there instead.

- I am actually very glad I got to ralph on the side of I-15 since up here they are doing construction and there are few emergency pullouts. This may be TMI but I dry heaved out the window and Hal was then like 20 second later able to manuever through traffic to the pullout. Good split second timing as we almost missed it

-I am really glad we were able to deliver the card to them. They called us right after I threw up actually to thank us for the card. I really like doing things like that for people. I know what it's like when you've had something bad happen and everyone is asking if there is something they can do. It's really nice when someone just does something and gives it to you instead of asking you.

-I am still sad and in denial about Syndey, we've had her for 10 years, since I was 12! She slept on my bed everynight for years until Ebony took over that space. And until I got my new bed she had the space under my bed as her safe spot. She would run there when she was in trouble and hide there when she was scared, and take food there to eat when she stole it out of the garbage....but I was worried about my dad. I didn't want him to be alone with just the kitties since my two brothers that live at home are gone a lot. Syndey was his here is the blessing, we get to give another dog a home. We are going to surprise my dad with a dog, maybe a puppy. I am pretty stoked about it actually. So uh, don't tell my dad, cause it's a surprise.

Alright, sorry for the long serious post, but I haven't had much of a funny week. So, I'm going to post some pics of my syd bid so you can see how pretty she was. I apparently don't have good pictures of her on my computer which made me sad, but I have a few. Also, I am Finally posting the video of my nephew eating the doughnut to end this on a lighter note.
I loved the top pic because she looks like she's going to bite his but, well, they were racing around the kitchen in my high heels and she didn't like it when she thought people were fighting and so she is actually just barking. The below pic you can see her in the glass window. This is my very cute niece Triniti, who is so cute and little here, this must be a few years old.
I am having troubble posting the video so check back and i will keep trying


20 Something said...

I am sorry you had such a bad week. Loosing a pet is a lot harder then people think!! I am glad your feeling better though!!!

Jessica said...

I am so sorry you have had a bad week. Being sick is awful and losing a pet, which is really a family member is even worse. I am so sorry.

Anonymous said...

oh man, i am so sorry about your week! i can't believe how sick that you both were! and i am so sorry about your dog! we had to put my dog down last year and i cried for day! anyway, i hope that you have a better week this week!

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